I m sure you have heard this
"One(birdie) for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter, four for friend."

I heard it at the same time when all of you did. Yes when I was too young.

You mite laugh but it somehow actually worked for me. All these numbers 1,2,3 and 4 have actually done what they stand for not only once or twice but many times and I still am superstitious (if u call this superstition, which I m sure u do).

One thing I noticed when i was 16-17 was that the birdie referred to in this saying is "never alone" (I m dead sure about this). When I first observed it and till date I have never ever seen a birdie alone.

What I mean is that if you do see One (wich signiies bad luck) keep tracking the movement of the bird. It wil surely goto another birdie soon or the other one will come close to it.

However if you do believe in the saying and since you read the passage above you must be wondering that it implies no bad luck at all. Well it is not so, actually there are times like for example I am on a bike or in a car and I see a birdie on the way, I just cant stop and wait for the second one. Actually I may actually do so if I am going 4 something important and alone, but if someone is with me it is difficult because they might laugh as you are now.
[Disclaimer : This is not an original thought.I read it in HT but i dont remember the name of the person who talked about this]

Ques.) How do you see an object ?
Ans.) Light rays coming from the source fall on the object and are deflected to your eyes. This enables you to see the object. Quite obvious, if there is no light, you don't see the object.

Now imagine if there is some thing that repels light rays.
So light coming from a light source instead of falling on the object are repelled away and they kind of pass the object circling around it without actually hitting it.

As you can see in the image. Assume light from some source falls on the green object and is deflected towards the red object. But since that red object repels light rays, the eye wil still see the green object. This means the RED OBJECT is INVISIBLE

This is somewhat like the mirage where light rays bend over and it seems that there is water ahead.

So if we are able to make this kind of material that repels light don't be amazed to see (actually not seeing) someone wearing clothes made of that material and standing right in front of your eyes but you still not being able to see him/her.
INVISIBLE he/she is.
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