Not much time left when we'll be graduates and leave this place. We'll surely miss this place (at least I will :P).

Memories is what will remain forever.

So, after the success of HOI, I announce a new series 'Memoirs' where an account of many such cherished moments will be put up.
Of course the idea is not completely mine. In the recent past I have been discussing many such incidents with somebody or the other and it was Sandy who wanted that there should be some collection of all such events. So, I thought why not here, this will increase the activity on my blog as well :P

I will try to update it every week. Lets fix up a time. Tuesdays 9PM it will be.

Since it is not only about me but us, so I would like you guyz to be my Guest Contributors and write about some such incidents and moments and I'll put it up here.

PS : Unlike HOI, the posts are not going to be anonymous but still will not use NAMES. We will use nicknames that are quite obvious.

E.g. Typhoon, SPARX, SST, arsenious, Firefly, Don, apocalypse, Paunchy, etc.
[OK, so I know my blog is very popular (for bakk atleast and lately HOI). I am a 'chashmadeed' of the incident described below. But for the first time, a reader of mine ne ichha zahir ki that he/she would like to describe this incident, so here is the episode in my reader's words. PS : This reader turned writer has done a wonderful job :applause:]

The title suggests that the episode finds its basis on the “popular” and very widely known application-s called SUPERLATIVES-S on facebook. And I shall inform that this “I” here is not the usual ‘I’ who has been reporting the previous episodes (although :hats off: I must say great work :D).

Hmmm now coming back to the issue! Firstly I’d like to brief you about facebook although most of you are well aware of it. So you see facebook is a popular social networking website that allows people to communicate with their friends and exchange information mostly through the no. of applications in it and superlatives (the reason I use the plural form is because there are two of them, with no difference as such, they only serve the purpose of variety) are among such apps. :phew:

So the story goes like this ………

A few days ago I met this person (whose HOI I shall be reporting!) who seemed to have immense knowledge about the different sites online and ofcourse a lot about facebook and its various applications and in fact introduced me to quite a few , one of them being the IQ test. So now that he/she scored above average in this test, :applause: he/she always used it as a boastful measure to reason his/her immense knowledge I just spoke of. :pich pich: :P no modesty!!

Hmmm.. (srry :P) so there is a short series of nominations that take place between me and Mr./Ms “Know-It-All” (supposedly) through SUPERLATIVES 1 (S-1)(for easy understanding). NOTE: The nominations will be received if the application is there on your profile and if not an invitation will be sent to accept it. So now that there were a series of nominations between the two of us, the obvious fact here is that we both had the application on our profiles. Now, I was bored (normal human nature) of S-1 so I decided to nominate through S-2 which offered me a new variety. Since he/she did not have S-2 on their profile an invitation was automatically sent to him/her to add the app in order to receive the nomination.

In response to the sweetly sent nomination he/she tells me, “You have the wrong application (when he got the invite of the app…. Hw cud it jus be a wrong app??? :s :scratching my head: I wonder… but cud it?? I mean if “he/she” says so... naaaaaaaaaa!! :faith on my knowledge: 8) ) … use the right one no!! : Hmmm wait for him/her 2 finish: Wait, I’ll send you the link.” (sends link).

Now like I told you if the series of nominations took place between us, using common sense (which is not so common… not at least for “Mr/Ms above- average- IQ” :super sarcastic: ) one can say that I would already be having the app!! pich pich !! So much for the immense knowledge and above-average IQ!!
PS: Vote for the names! (hint: title and description of the person) :P

PPS : I apologise if the report was not as expected but since I was the “chasmadeed gawah” :P- I had to for this one.
Just when I thought it was time to end HOI, two more interesting events failed to pass unnoticed.

The first one is about how relating things unknowingly can make it a laughing stock.

So, its about 4-5 people sitting in the FC having lunch and discussing about events in the college (past and upcoming).
The college magazine Entelechy's 13th edition was up and we were discussing about the change in fonts and the new logo that showed 'SUN RISE' (its all about the name). It was then when one of my friends started shouting at one of the members of Entelechy (present at the location) and blaming the club of spamming the mailboxes.

Ohh !! @#$@#$$ Toh tum hee woh jo saara din mailbox spam karte rehte ho.

:quizzical look: on everyone's face till came yet another statement from his mouth.

SUN MICROSOFT walon, sirf apne club walon ko mail kiya karo na #$#$$@$#$^ :x

And we got it. Everyone, started laughing. Actually, it was this Sun club in our campus that mailed us quite a many times informing about the events being held by Sun Microsystems in our college (or something like that, coz i din read them :P).

So, our friend here very intelligently related the Entelechy's new logo showing SUN RISE to SUN Microsystems, and hey did you notice the name he mentioned 'SUN MICROSOFT'. LOL !!

The second one is...err..not much about it. Google actually started Transiletration in most of its applications. What it does is that it enables the user to type HINDI (or few of the other languages) in ENGLISH and it will convert it into HINDI Font all by itself. Cool na !! So anyways, in ORKUT to do this you need to press Ctrl + G (on Windows) to enable it. One of my friends tried but was unable to do it. So bugged was he/she that he/she actually thought...ya he/she did...that it is because he/she was not pressing '+' but only the Ctrl and G combo. So, he/she actually tried pressing the three keys together, 'Ctrl', '+' and 'G'. Strange but true :P

Hey, all you geeks out there, did you ever think it this way :P ?

PS : Vote for 2 names !!
I am just too bored. I want to update my blog as well. So, I thought of writing about random things. Since it is not the kind of BAKK my friends expect and are interested in so I don't expect them to read it. Since there aren't going to be any lyrics of some song in this post, I don't expect hits from elsewhere as well. But still. Here we go.

1.) India wins Twenty20 World Cup

The best thing that happened in the last few days. Great matches, great teams, splendid fireworks. India turns out to be The World Champion. Personally, I didn't even expect India to get into Super 8 (Low Expectations ensure less pain when not fulfilled, I still remember the World Cup in March).

But then great matches, splendid performance against great teams - England, South Africa, Australia and then Pakistan. We had two winners per match + Rohit Sharma. He was impressive.

vs England - Hats Off to Yuvraj, in your face Flintoff, sorry Broad :(

vs South Africa - I dreaded Gibbs and Smith but :) hail RP :)

vs Australia - They have Gilchrist, Hayden, Symonds, Clarke, Hussey, Lee :phew: and more but then Yeyeyeyey we had Yuvraj and OMG did you people see Srisanth :O

vs Pakistan - Gulp !! India vs Pakistan that too in World Cup and that too a FINAL !!
Pressureeeeeeeeeeee !!
50-50 chance. Both teams were good. Danger men - Shoaib Malik, Afridi, Misbah, Misbah, Misbah, Misbah and Misbah. Then there was Misbah and yet another great striker of the ball who I had heard a lot about - Misbah.

After Indian Innings I thought we had 40-60 chance. When we got wickets, especially Afridi, I thought it was still 40-60 or even less because the man on the crease was Misbah. What he did in a matter of few balls was 40:60 India -> 30:70 -> 20:80 ->10:90 -> 1:99 and then.....

Sandy, Modi you missed it !! You seriously missed it !!

2.) Movies

Why ? Why ? Why such movies ?
I am sorry if it feels bad, but I felt @#@$@#$ after watching them

where them = Hey Baby, Dhamaal and then Dhol

Trust me I enjoy these kinds of movies in general. I tried my best to laugh and enjoy in case of 'them' as well but :(, better still :'(

Dhol was :S. Got 4/5 stars in TOI, my friends enjoyed it, some watched it twice. HOW ? It was :( except for a few moments featuring Rajpal Yadav.

No more movies !! Maybe Bhool Bhulaiya, MAYBE.

I am not going to go by any reviews, word-of-mouth or anything else for that matter.
You want me to watch a movie, you sure its good, you sure I will like it ?
OK, you pay for my ticket, you pay for the auto fare, you get me Popcorn + Pepsi and if I don't like the movie, you treat me at Sardar Foods :X or else I pay you back for the ticket only.

3.) CAT !!

MOCKs, SIMs, MAXs, ACEs, AIMs, FLTs and don't know what all. Not me but others :P
Have been taking few of them but still have not been able to perform as I want to or as they(IIMs) want me to.

Staterjee !! Is there any ? Does it work ? Are you sure ? Is it a sure shot formula ?
Please tell me !!

4.) Sports

All went to IIT-K Sports Fest so No Football, No Basketball. And now when they are back, something or the other keeps me busy forcing me to miss Football. Maybe tomorrow :D

5.) Internet !!

Orkut is passe. Still good. But.

Facebook is or maybe was appealing. Fighter's Club is boring now. Zombies too. Scrabulous is ok.

Twitter can be good. I mean it is but if they could help me with my Phone Notifications.

Google Calendar doesn't support my Mobile Service Provider :(

Blogger is good for a change, specially, when I am just too bored. But I seriously wanted to write something (even when I know nobody is going to read it :P)

6.) Computer Hardware

My sound card is not working properly, stops playing sound whenever it wants too and plays back at its will as well. The only thing I can do is Restart to ensure sound until it stops again :(

My mouse behaves in a strange manner in an hour or so or even less at times. Restarting helps till it happens again.

Power Button itself has some problem. CPU doesn't start in pressing power button. I have to hit it, lift and leave for a slight bang, turn it, hit it, bang to see if it works. At times have to go out of my room to ensure I don't lose temper and throw it away.

My monitor has always been flickering like hell. Everyone notices it but I don't feel it any more :P Adaptation ;)

9.) Windows and MAC

MAC is good, better than...But change is good. Windows is nice.

8.) Internet Browsers

Opera is not good for my bandwidth I guess.
Safari renders well, makes things look better.
Firefox works with anything, supports everything.
And I heard someone saying Internet Explorer ? Well no idea. The only thing I know about it is that it starts up pretty quick.

8.) Music

Totally on my mood. :S playlist names e.g. bang, boom, crappy, zZzZzZzZzZ.., current.
At the moment I am listening to zZzZzZzZ..

Long Post !!
Enough for now :)
After three years of hard work, finally came the placement fair. With one job each in their kitty and results of second yet to be declared, The Three Stooges (T3S) were all set for a third company. After clearing the written test, it was time for a technical interview and incidentally T3S had their interviews back to back according to the schedule put up.

(T3S were confident enough after having 1 job each and sure about the second whose result was yet to be declared).

Missing their daily dose of sports they were ready dressed up (fake 'we are gentle men look' :P), resumes and certificates in a file in their hands. Just before the start of their interviews they were a bit tensed and asked the same question to every one who came out from the interviewer's name, "Kya Poocha ? Kya Poocha ?"

A common answer was "Bubble Sort".

T3S knew it was easy and just to recall tried writing the code on paper. LOL. Third year B.Tech (ICT) students with decent CGPAs appearing for a Software Engineer post in a company(with decent repute) together couldn't figure out what the code should be like (but were disappointed, generally they laugh out loud when they sense trouble :P).

Interviews started and..and..and...LOL. Jinse Bubble Sort ka code nahi bana woh to kya hee karenge :P

T3S were screwed big time. With questions related to Linked List, Operator Overloading, Virtual Functions, etc. being thrown at them, what else do you expect (remember Bubble Sort :P ) ?

All had the same expression on their face -> :S
and the same line on their tongue , "gg, pata nahi kya pooch rahe the :S Jo aata tha woh to poocha nahi, kya tha yaar"

They were not comfortable with all this stuff like Linked List, Operator Overloading, Virtual Functions, etc.

Does it qualify to be HOI ?
ask the interviewer :P


PS : After success kissing their feet :p they have shifted focus to CAT :)
GOD knows whats going to happen :P
Fingers Crossed !!!
Taking a break from HOI, I plan to test my new Blogger widget. So here is my first post via the Blogger widget.

What should I write about ?

Had not planned this post. Maybe I'll write about this currently playing song I heard first on Divey's laptop being played from Keshav's Library - Jaane Kya Jaane Mann Bawra from the movie Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

This has been sung by Zubin (the same person who sang 'Ya Ali' from Gangster).

I wonder how did I miss listening this song ? But ever since I heard it, it is the only song that is being played in loop back mode and is still on. The lyrics for this song comprise of something other than Hindi or maybe extra Shudh Hindi. My lyrics widget couldn't search for it so here is my attempt

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)
jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

saghan achal sara bor hove
sajan ansuan mein kya zor hove
saghan achal sara bor hove
sajan ansuan mein kya zor hove
kya jor hove...
apne jiya pe...
mann toh maara yeh manchala

jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)

pawan purva mein yu udta jaave
badra chanda se mann judta jaave
pawan purva mein yu udta jaave
badra chanda se mann judta jaave
aave hawa ka...
jhonka fir aisa...
toote patang kee dorr sa

jaane kya chahe mann bawra (2)
akhiyan mere saawan chala (2)

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

And here I am back to the Blogger website to edit this post because there is no scroll bar int that widget (I noticed it when I put in the lyrics).

One thing I wonder is that what is the need of having a female artist sing lines like

feelin' blue (3)
my heart says can't be can't be true...only
can't be true
my heart says can't be can't be true
can't be (7 fading)

in otherwise such a good song ? This has been a kind of trend with many songs these days. I feel it ruins the song.

Anyways, my widget test was successful so I'll take your leave, but do listen to this song.
Due to a very poor response to the polling last time, the results will not be displayed :P. Some PG got 71% votes out of a total of 7.
The post served the purpose it intended to though.

Let me now move on to the fifth episode of the HOI series : Samba !!

with advancements in technology, people want everything to be done by a machine, every work of theirs. E-Mails substituted postal mails, VOIP provides substitute to telephones and so on. Providing such services is no longer the only task. Enhancing the user interface, making services and application more user-friendly is what every service provider is trying to provide. And mind you it is not an easy task, you need sound skills in human-machine interaction (which is a vast subject).

Why do we need it ?

Well, there are many reasons. Firstly, there are usually more than one service providers providing a particular service. UI is one field where you can get past your competitor. Secondly, not every consumer is a techie. If a product is not user-friendly, how can you expect a lay man to use it. Lastly, expectations have increased. People want everything to be done with ease, a personal assistant to do all their work, so that they can release.

Consider the rotary dial phone, followed by keypads then touch screen with stylus.

It is the demand of the consumer that makes service providers to develop such products.

Any problems ?

Not problems as such, but people tend to get addicted to a particular feature in a gadget and try using it on others. Didn't get me ? I'll give you an example.
One of my friends was fascianted about voice dialling in his phone. You speak out a name and your handset calls that person. A month or two back he installed some new software on his computer and while configuring it there was some field where he was asked to enter his password.
Two of my other friends were also there in his room at that time (all fully aware of his VOICE DIALLING obsession). This person wants everything to be perfect yet simple to use (has also been fascinated about the idea of HUMAN COMPUTER interaction), so just for some fun all of us asked him to speak his password after a beep sound is played. Guess what ?

Ya, he looked into the screen and said "SAMBA" (his password). What makes it more interesting is that even the COMPUTER teamed up with us for some fun and GOD knows how, indeed played a BEEP sound.

How could he possibly do that ? With no microphone connected, with the software not claiming any such voice recognition why did he do that ?

Well, as I said, the reason is not one. Expecting the product to be USER-FRIENDLY and trying to use a feature of one gadget onto other. Guess there should be this universal set of features that should be present in every service and product so that such incidents do not happen in future.

Start polling !!
Previously on HOI, ordinary people reach extra ordinary HOI.
- Some PG who messed up with Print Screen key
- An ignorant conversation about a pilot incident
- A student who was not familiar with the RC rules

And now HOI continues

With "off-season" (as someone said) going on here at college, I chat a lot. This one is about a...err...not 'a' but 'quite a few' of the many online conversations I had with a friend. What makes these 'quite a few' conversations special is that in all these conversations I told my friend about some interesting picture online or a web page or some website (mostly hilarious) that I stumbled upon while surfing the net. So, in all such conversations I just gave imer (hope you remember the terminology : his/her shortened to imer) a link to a page which I want imer to see.

Expecting a positive reaction to what I thought was hilarious I wait after pasting the link in the chat window and after waiting for about half a minute what is the message that I get back

Tere paas firefox hai na ?

I am like huh ?? What does Firefox has to do with all this ?? In fact, where did this Firefox come from in this conversation or on that page ??

Still I reply

and hs (recall the terminology hs implies he/she) replies
mere paas nahi hai..

Action Replay : Again, I am like huh ?? What does Firefox has to do with all this ?? In fact, where did this Firefox come from in this conversation or on that page ??

me : so ?
hs : error aata hai yaar..

As I said before this didn't happen once but many times and I was all confused as to whats going on.

Lately, in some other conversation I got to know that due to some problem with the browser hs used someone adviced imer to install Firefox which hs didn;t like and trashed out from imer computer.

So, I kind of diagnosed the problem which I still think is the improper uninstalling of Firefox which for other applications had been set as the default browser, so whenever a link is clicked on, it tries to open Firefox which obviously it is unable to find as it is no longer installed and thus throws an error. (Too technical I guess)

And then, when "tere paas firefox hai na" thing happened again I tried explaining imer about this error but just when I type

I know wat the prob is..

I get the reply

nooooooooooooooooo....i dnt want 2 knwwwww.....

Ab kya hoga aise logo ka ? They don't want to get down the heights (HOI I mean) they have reached :P

PS : But quite surprisingly, on clicking start menu the top left menu item (which generally is Internet shows the icon of the default browser) has a "blue coloured icon" according to my friend, furthermore "it is always blue and never orange" according to imer (when I asked if it was orange in colour or blue).
Seems that even I diagnosed the problem incorrectly (HOI on my part too ?). Anyways, I can only be sure if I get hold of that computer.

You start voting !!
Aahahahahah !! (crying) this is boring (posting poll results). From now on I won't post in the poll results because any one who wants to can check it.

Anyways, this time some PS outnumbered everyone else. No idea who he/she is.

Here are the results

One change, I just omitted "HOI Episode 3" from the title because it would have made it too big. And yes, is anonymity ke chakkar mein he/she likhne mein bahut problem hoti hai, I will use hs instead of he/she and iser instead of his/her from now on.

Getting on with the third episode, I know you must have read the title but I must like to quote it again here that 'Student and RCwala' is 'Based on True Rumors' and I have no proof whatsoever to prove the events authenticity.

This is about my friend who joined college just after class 12th (out from school to be a student again) and is curious as everyone of us is about the new campus. So, hs just goes around exploring iser new campus going to the sports field, canteen, labs and accidentally reaches The RC - The Resource Center. Wow, hs was surprised seeing so many books (foreign editions with colored pages), good quality furniture, air cooled environment. So hs thought why not take some book and read it. Hs was neither the bookworm type nor the one who likes reading novels and stuff. Just as you might have guessed my friend did not have much idea about a library or RC. So hs pulls out a book from the shelf, moves out of the room and heads towards the gate of the RC.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, tyau, tyau tyau tyau..

What was this sound ?

Oh I see, my friend just missed noticing the magnetic checkpoints installed at the RC exit that alarms the staff there about unissued books being carried out. So, the RCwala runs after him and catches him with the unissued book.

RCwala : Why are you taking this book without getting it issued ?

Student(my friend) : Issued ? What is that suppose to mean ?

RCwala : You are supposed to present the book at the counter and get it issued for reading. You cannot just take that book away.

Student : Oh ! is that so ? I am sorry, I didn't know ?

(What ?? Man you didn't know that its the library and that you are not the owner of all the books present here and that if there was no book issue/return system, how will the RCwalas keep track of which book is with whom and where ?)

:ahoy: I mean Ah !! HOI !! :D

Time for poll again !!
Here are the poll results

Everybody say "Hail SD !! Hail PG!!

Episode 3 - "Student and RCwala : Based on True Rumors" will be up soon.
[Sorry, could not go by the poll results. I found something very interesting, so thought of posting it first. As far as the poll result of the episode you people wanted, that will be posted next (if I don't find something as interesting as this one :P)]

As you all are aware that not long ago when I planned to start this HOI Series, I posted "Sandy can WAIT !!" where I described this series. After describing the rules, request and RTI part I wrote a line
This being a pilot post (lol :P), let me give you the titles of the upcoming episodes of this series.
Now I curse myself as to why I used this term
As you all are aware or might not be aware that my blog is read all over the world and is discussed about often. (:boastingly:)

Somewhere on the net I came across one such conversation between A and B and was surprised to read something very interesting. Actually, surprised is not the word I should have used. I was shocked to read it. Here is the excerpt which made me feel so.

oi wats dis pilot incident toks of sum pilot post related wid ya
Wait people it is not over yet, the reply to A's question which B gave was even more interesting and totally different from what I had expected. B said

I dunno anything about the pilot incident...
pk bakk maar raha hai....
HOI pe HOI ho gaya yeh toh. :S

PS : Multiple votes allowed this time. Vote for two people. Guess who is A and who is the even smarter B. A and B may delete that conversation, don't worry I can prove it.
Well, enough time for the poll I guess. Here are the results.

This is the public opinion not mine.

I don't know whether the majority's decision is correct or not. In fact, I don't even know who PG is :P. The poll answers were some random pair of alphabets plus some standard ones.

Just for your information, I got this anonymous comment on that post

Anonymous said...

hey y did u tell every 1 ki its me....lolss
:P :P :P :P :P :P
mast likha hai ......hail to pk

No idea who this is. Seriously. :P

Anyways, the next poll is about to decide what the next episode should be. I will not even give a brief description of the titles, just vote for the title you think sounds interesting.

And yes, I have this better looking poll now ;)
Its all about an attractive User Interface.

PS : It is quite possible that you might face problems with this new poll, either while voting or you might not even see it at all. Just add a comment to this post mentioning your problem and I will correct it.
Welcome all to the first episode of this new series HOI. As I mentioned titles of few upcoming episodes in the pilot post, on Sandy's request, I start with "Print Screen".

[The story consists of fictional elements]

Not quite long back a friend of mine had to show me something unusual happening on his/her computer but did not know how to do it. So, I told my friend that you can take a screen shot of the screen and mail it to me and I began to explain how to take screen shot on the operating system my friend was using (Windows XP in this case).

I asked my friend to press the PRINT SCREEN key which can be found somewhere on the top right. To my surprise I got the reply that there was no such key. I looked upon my keyboard and noticed the alternate name for the key (in my case it was Prt Scr). But even this key wasn't there on my friend's keyboard. I couldn't figure out any other alternate name for the key or any other location for the key (except top right), so I asked for the model number of the computer or keyboard. My friend gave me the number and I searched for it on the net.

In the image I got on the net I could easily see the key I was looking for and that too in the top right. I told my friend that the key is indeed present on the KEYBOARD and was second from the left in the top row.

What reply could you expect ?

My friend said, "Oh ! You meant keyboard, I was looking for it on the screen. Sorry".

I began pulling my hair !!

Well, finally everything was done as it had to be but PRINT SCREEN KEY on the SCREEN ? :O

PS : Sandy and Aatish want me to reveal names but I don't want to. Aatish asked me to use initials and Sandy gave me an idea of having a poll. So, mixing both of them I have started a poll that you can see on the right. Participate in the poll and vote for who you think is the person talked about in this episode. I will continue the poll thing with every episode but not mention it again in the post. Go Go Go !!
For all those who are eagerly waiting for Sandy Exposed !! - Sandy can wait (as the title says). I have to collect data, jot it down, organize it, type, publish :yawn: 2 much work. By the time I do that I have some very interesting stuff for you.

I now start the HOI Series which means Height of Ignorance.

Not every one is an Expert in every field. Not every one has sound knowledge on every topic.

But often arises a situation when a person A while conversing with other person B expects B to know as much as he/she does or even more. And this gives rise to a BIG Problem which when looked upon later, brings smile on the faces of both the parties (I am sure about A, not much about B though :P).

So, from now on I will start posting The HOI Series.

Rules :
* No names will be mentioned.
* Participants of every incident remain anonymous.

Request :
* Please take it in good humor.
*I in no way intend to embarrass you or insult you.

RTI (Right to Interfere) :
* You can at any time ask me to remove the post or to stop from continuing if you don't like it or feel offended.

This being a pilot post (lol :P), let me give you the titles of the upcoming episodes of this series.

* Samba
* Print Screen
* President
* Firefox
* French Open Final
* Net Send

So, all set. Stay tuned. I am about to start soon. Come back soon.
You can now restrict Google Image search to news and faces.
I thought not many people knew about it so why not post it here.

In the URL (the big http://....thing written in the address bar) just append &imgtype=face for filtering search results to only those that have faces or append &imgtype=news for news related image.

Try it out here


For those who got the trick, use it and enjoy. For those who did not, you can come back here anytime and use this search.
Not long ago I posted about a magic trick performed by Daivd Blaine. In the post I mentioned the magic trick he performs when he asks you to choose any 2-digit number between 1 and 50 having both digits odd an distinct, the number chosen the most is 37.

Here, I just found out some more about number 37. It is related to Mathematics.
Not a great deal, but then more than a usual number.
Just multiply 37 by multiples of 3 and check out the results.

37 X 03 = 111
37 X 06 = 222
37 X 09 = 333
37 X 12 = 444
37 X 15 = 555
37 X 18 = 666
37 X 21 = 777
37 X 24 = 888
37 X 27 = 999

First the magic trick and now this simple mathematics.
Interesting results...huh ?
Well I woke up today morning, did some RI work, read some magazine, went online, orkut, facebook and then thought of catching up with friends online on gtalk.

So I logged onto gtalk and hav 18 friends online out of which 12 have their status message set to "Do not disturb".

Believe me I know how busy they are :P

So was just wondering why do people set their status as "Do not disturb".

At the first place, almost everyone knows how busy you are :P

Secondly, if you are really so busy then why are you online ?

And then when people like me who even after reading this message start a conversation with you, why the hell do you respond, and can't you just act or control your emotions so that you actually don't let the other person know as to how desperately were you waiting for someone to message you. [:P]

Leaving aside these 12 people other 2 were "Away", 1 "zzzzzzzz" and 2 "Not at my Desk"
and the one left - well I discussed the same thing with him as well and laughed a lot at possible reasons each of us was putting forward.

And then that last guy had to go offline (for lunch), I thought of posting here and thus set even my status to "Do not disturb" just to check if it feels special or anything else of that sort.

Sorry guyz, especially to those 12, it was just a thought :P, no hard feelings.

EDITED PART goes here :

Just came here to append, that one other contact came online just now and they have their status set to - yes u guessed it right :P
ESPN, the US sports channel owned by Disney has acquired cricinfo from Wisden.

Cricinfo is a website which provides latest happenings and statistics about cricket to all the cricket fans.

The value of the deal was not disclosed.

SO after, and ESPN now also has
There some interesting news from Apple for all Windows users. Apple has introduced 'The world's best browser' as they say - SAFARI - for Windows.

For all those who use MAC may feel its a good news for Windows guyz.

I have used both MAC and Windows and am keen to use SAFARI on windows.
Hope it is as good as on MAC.

According to Apple it is twice as fast as Internet Explorer. Good Enough, isn't it ?
Well can't say til I try it.

Apple has even given '12 reasons why you'll Safari' comapring it with other Internet Browsers Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

For more information visit

Download it here :
Not long ago Barcelona's Lionel Messi scored a solo goal picking the ball up from inside his own half on the right flank in a King’s Cup tie against Getafe, he dribbled past two defenders, swerved past two more and rounded the goal keeper to score from a very tight angle. It was said to be exact replica of the goal scored by another great footballer former Argentinian striker Diego Maradona.

And yet again on Saturday Messi scored the famous (or infamous ?) HAND OF GOD goal against Espanyol which incidentally was also a replica of Maradona's 'Hand of GOD' goal against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Here is another close look

Cunning effort isn't it ?

But according to Messi, “We can talk a lot about that goal but these things happen in football. It only won us a point. There’s no point comparing me to Diego because he was unique. I’m not trying to score the same goals as him, they are simply things that happen during a match.”
Two great footballers, playing for the same country, first the solo wonder and then the HAND OF GOD replica. I wonder whats next :)
I am bored...nothing interesting 2 do...tried blogs...did intern ka kaam...par ab again m thought of posting something here...

very sad story hai yeh bhee...if i write somthng gud....thn no1 reads....every1 wants 2 read some bakk...related 2 collg...or some1...especiaal my frend AATISH..he'll only read wen its some bakk or some1s leg pulling...ab traffic to chahiye blog pelling some more bakk here..that is y such a pelna start karta hu...par a level more than bakk...thot of recollecting some of the craziest things i hav done here at collg...wich i m sure i wudnt hav done nywhr else...

now wid high probability i wil definitely miss many incidents nd things readers plz yaad dilate rehna nd wil continue Crazy Kiya Re series nd include thm ;)

waise kamaal hai yaar koi aata nahee nahi mere blog pe aajkal...baaki companies kee tarha kuch free dena padega... :(

for those hu help me in recollecting 5 or more incidents wil get a chocolate 4 free ;)

so lemme start wid recent past...

1.) Went to a nearby highway ka dhaaba at 12AM to hav frndz hav been thr even at more odd hrs...e.g. aatish hee lelo..he nd sandy 4 AM...

2.) itni bakk can i forget it some1s room....or gall...or for that matter even the RESOURCE CENTER...i rmbr the time wen v sort of hi jacked that place...nd wer laughing nd talking disturbing others :)
KESHAV is the one hu inititated it...

3.) oh ho...chatting wale...bhulwa diya kya likhna tha...sochne do ab.....haan yaad aaya...sitting in the fc at 5 in the morning...sounds normal rite...well i m talking abt that 5 in the morning 4 hrs after wich at 9 v had our final xam :P

4.) wait...2 hot here...pyaas lagi hai...paani pee lu....aah...playing futball in the the field filled wid 2 AM....

5.) the way v celebrate birthdays... :fear: ketchup, curd, egg, maggi, tea, milk, aamrus....
{Note: above ingredients r used separately as well as by mixing 2 or more items}

Its time 4 the person hu wants to win the chocolate...coz abhi sirf itne yaad hain...

just read the post myself...yeh kya likha hai maine :P
guess its nothing more than improper, inefficient use of blogger's precious database :P

fir bhee i hope some1 reads it...nd responds so dat i can come up wid C : 2....Crazy Kiya re - 2..
Hmmm....long time since I posted here...
first had exams and then was on a vacation...

At home I made it a point to see David Blaine's street magic on AXN.

I don't think the name DAVID BLAINE needs any introduction.
For those early men or women reading this post, I am sorry, search for this name. He is one person you surely need to know about.

I like almost every trick he performs but the one that caught my attention was...

aah wait a minute...

First, think of a 2-digit number between 1 and 50..

Both of the digits of this number should be odd and distinct.

. now I guess you havw a number in your mind...

Is it 37 ??

If it is then I am sure you are as surprised as I was when it worked on me while Blaine was performing this trick on TV :O

I tried this on many of my friends and most of the time it worked and that is what made me write this post. Is something special with this number, keeping in mind that there are other numbers which fulfil the criteria - 13, 17, 19, 31, 35 and 39.

For all those who didn't choose 37 try it on your friends and I am sure there will be a fair amount of them who choose 37.

Yet another trick Blaine performs is choose a card out of the 52 playing cards...that are non-aces...

People often choose Queen of Diamonds though it didn't work with my friends as good as 37 one did...

So whats so special about 37...any idea ??

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[Note : The thoughts expressed in this post are excerpts from a conversation between me and Sandeep Das (a.k.a. Sandy) which have yet not been penned down by him because its too trivial for him.]

I and Sandy were sitting at the Galla (a renowned research center) and discussing about upcoming exams and how much is each one of us prepared for the exam.

I told Sandy about my problem of being unable to get up early in the morning no matter what time I sleep. I told him that I don't feel like getting up in the morning and actually keep sleeping until someone wakes me up. He told me that the same happens with him and it actually is not a problem but an illustration of the well established Newton's First Law of motion.

I was puzzled as to how is this phenomenon related to Newton's First Law of motion and requested him to throw some light on it.

He said the simple cause of this phenomenon is the Newton's First Law of motion which says "A body at REST continues to be at REST until disturbed by EXTERNAL FORCES."

I don't think I need to say anything further. So, for all those who face the same problem of not being able to get up early in the morning, as correctly pointed out by Sandy, there is nothing you can do about it.
Rocking robots, prancing pulses, ballistic bytes and much more...

The fourth edition of the festival heralds a new era in the annals of great carnivals. The fusion of technology with culture has remained a misty dream for long. Now, the veil is off and the dream has become a reality. Three days of unparalleled celebrations await us. come March, the Gujarati soil will witness history in the making as students from all over India converge in DA-IICT to join the grandest of parties. Who says technocrats can't have fun? The cultural ambience and the technological grandeur shall dazzle one and all. The machines walk free as the humans jive. The platter is full with all-round music, quizzes, competitions, dance, theatrics, programming, byte-baiting and much, much more....

and yes! There are the special guests who shall enthrall with their speeches and performances!
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