Safari on Windows !!

There some interesting news from Apple for all Windows users. Apple has introduced 'The world's best browser' as they say - SAFARI - for Windows.

For all those who use MAC may feel its a good news for Windows guyz.

I have used both MAC and Windows and am keen to use SAFARI on windows.
Hope it is as good as on MAC.

According to Apple it is twice as fast as Internet Explorer. Good Enough, isn't it ?
Well can't say til I try it.

Apple has even given '12 reasons why you'll Safari' comapring it with other Internet Browsers Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

For more information visit

Download it here :

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evilution said...


Anonymous said...

this beta version is too buggy...https pe gives a lot of errors...

hope they extend support to 10.4.8 too..

evilution said...

safari fer win sux.

the annoying username and passwrd window keeps popping up fer users behind proxies. even when i select remember it. :\

ths is like the ultra dumb version of safari :S

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