Sandy can WAIT !!

For all those who are eagerly waiting for Sandy Exposed !! - Sandy can wait (as the title says). I have to collect data, jot it down, organize it, type, publish :yawn: 2 much work. By the time I do that I have some very interesting stuff for you.

I now start the HOI Series which means Height of Ignorance.

Not every one is an Expert in every field. Not every one has sound knowledge on every topic.

But often arises a situation when a person A while conversing with other person B expects B to know as much as he/she does or even more. And this gives rise to a BIG Problem which when looked upon later, brings smile on the faces of both the parties (I am sure about A, not much about B though :P).

So, from now on I will start posting The HOI Series.

Rules :
* No names will be mentioned.
* Participants of every incident remain anonymous.

Request :
* Please take it in good humor.
*I in no way intend to embarrass you or insult you.

RTI (Right to Interfere) :
* You can at any time ask me to remove the post or to stop from continuing if you don't like it or feel offended.

This being a pilot post (lol :P), let me give you the titles of the upcoming episodes of this series.

* Samba
* Print Screen
* President
* Firefox
* French Open Final
* Net Send

So, all set. Stay tuned. I am about to start soon. Come back soon.

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Anonymous said...

hey hurry up n write sumthin naa...m waitin...:P:P:P:P

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