I just couldn't stop myself from writing this! Yesterday, was a Saturday and I had a good time with friends listening to all now (maybe) popular Punjabi songs with weird lyrics. One song that was mentioned but wasn't heard (due to our limited database at that time) was a song titled 'Pajero'. So, on a lazy Sunday afternoon today I searched for this track on Youtube and got this 

Baith Pajero ch, Special teri khaatir lyaaya

I quite enjoyed the song, especially the lyrics which in English means "Come sit in my Pajero, I got it specially for you", much like the cheesy and weird and (maybe) awesome lyrics of 'Amplifier'

I was scrolling through comments to see how did other people like it and found a comment that read 
its a copy of haryanvi song...(madam beth balero me)
and so quite obviously I searched for that title on YouTube (yes I have a lot of time, lazy Sunday afternoon you remember?) and to my horror shocking surprise found this (from the album "Friendship")

Madam Baith Bolero Mein, Special Teri Khaatir Laaya

The lyrics have similar meaning, the music is similar and the subject is the same - Madam, SUV and a Gaana; just that the SUV in this case is not a Pajero but Bolero and it is a Haryanvi song (according to the comment) and not Punjabi! 

I was pretty dumbstruck to find such insane resemblance in everything - Madam, SUV and the Gaana!

But then in MBA terms, it seems to be a simple case of Geographical adaptation of a winning concept in some other Geographical region.

Some more digging in to find out which actually came first and it does seem like the Bolero came before Pajero. For one, the Bolero one seems to have been created in 2008 and the Pajero in 2010 and secondly, there is another modified version of the Bolero which could mean that Bolero was the first one, got famous and became the source of inspiration of others. Here is Bolero ver. 2 (surely Haryanvi), though this one is clearly a "me too" of the original "winning concept" and even in the same geographical region. It is not a "copy" but a "me too" and it does have a USP of its own - The Start, a conversation followed by a couple of Shers

Madam Baith Bolero Mein, Special Teri Khaatir Lyaaya

Anyways, I found another masterpiece where our singer takes a dig on the 'Bolero' and asks the 'Madam' to come to his _____? 

No, you couldn't guess it!

A Safari!

Here it is: 

Ho Madam Chor Bolero Ne, Ho Aaja Khadi hai Taiyaar Safari

And it was a Oh My God! moment definitely! Pajero, Bolero and now Safari. Though am no expert in different languages, the title in the video "Hoor Pari Jaipur Ki" seems to establish a Rajasthani connect. And I need not explain why it is different from others. Why don't you try? (Yes, correct. 1. Geographical Adaptation of a "winning concept" and 2. It takes a dig on the "winning concept" itself!)

We have had 1 Pajero 2 Boleros and 1 Safari till now, here I found something more - A New Safari! Similar set up, similar context, similar Music but a different USP. It has been positioned as a NEW Safari. The NEWness of the SUV is unique and new to this track as compared to previous ones.

Ek Baar Dekh Baith Ke Ne, Main Nayi Safari Leyo

No, no, no there is no point I am trying to make with this post, though maybe I would like to believe that someone somewhere used some SUV to create one track and then maybe it became so immensely popular that it was adapted to other SUVs... err.. regions and languages.

But then thinking of it, though SUVs have their own charm they form a very small percentage of the total vehicle parc in India. So, what is your guess on the car with the highest vehicle parc (number of cars on road)?

Yes, of course - A Maruti! and yes, yes, yes you guessed it right. Even I was pretty shocked but yes it does exist. Presenting to you - Madam, Maruti and Gaana! This one is a Rajasthani Number

Madam Baith MARUTI Mein, Special Teri Khaatir Laaya

So, c'mon people, one last time. What is different about this one? Yes, correct. Though all previous ones were revolving around a niche segment of SUVs, this one appeals to the masses!

Anyways, on a more serious note, how do you explain so many different creations on the same basis - Madam, SUV and Gaana? The concept is the same, music is similar and so is the meaning/context of the lyrics. Does it have something to do with popularity that leads to inspirations? Or What is it? Any explanation?

And why do you think Bollywood doesn't have its own version of such a popular track? Or maybe the immense popularity and the sheer number of different versions have kept them from touching this one?
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