Breaks between classes can be effectively utilized for blogging :)

Well what brings me here to this topic is essentially ESPN broadcasting the Euro Cup 2008 and the Hindi Commentary that goes on. This was for football and yet another reason is some sorts of revisiting and discussing the ones related to Cricket with desh.

So of all those I can recollect, here is a short list

Cricket :

1.) If India wins a match then in the commentary box (Hindi) or some post match analysis by "experts" on various news channels the one line that is famous is
Yeh Bharat ki jeet hai !

and if India loses then it automatically becomes
Cricket ki Jeet !

2.) On every commendable performance by Indian Team you often get to hear
Mujhe unees sau tiraasi ke woh din yaad aa gaye Arun (or Moninder or Maninder)

Unlike some trademark Bollywood dialogues the above two lines doesn't seem to fade away and you can hear them quite often. What has become obsolete is listening to commentary on Radio.

3.) I miss the exciting
Aur yeh behtareen shot deep square leg ki taraf utha ke maara hai EK RUN ke liye


4.) Even more popular
Yeh shaandar Dabur Chawanprash Chauka Sachin Tendulkar ke balle se

Moving on to Football now there are just two which I remember, both somewhat related and revolving around the word Khalbali

If I am not wrong it is by Sunil Taneja (please correct me if I am wrong)

So here it goes
Ronaldo aaj koi VISHESH KHALBALI machane mein saksham nahi huey hain


Raksha Pankti se ball katate huey Ronaldinho ! aakraman teevr karte huey bakse mein pravesh. Khaasa control bana rakha tha ball pe par koi vishesh khalbali machane mein saksham nahi

Besides such full of excitement comments its all boring. What you get to hear is

Ballack, Germany ke khiladi hain yeh....behtareen cross lekin...

Podolski, Germany ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen shot lekin...

Kazim, Turkey ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen move banaya lekin..

Which esentially means its absolutely organized. The syntax is as follows :

Name, Country/Club ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen move/cross/shot (dynamic) lekin..

So I guess it can be automated. but then why do we need Mr.Taneja ? Well, if he is not there then who will inform us about some Vishesh Khalbali :P

Sounds funny ?

Well, if you ask me then, ok I am not writing all this without any reason. Taking the word 'Baksa' for Penalty Area does sound weird if not funny. And Vishesh Khalbali is indeed funny !

so after reading this does anyone recall uneeswe dashak ki woh commentary which still continues?

Now if I get appreciable amount of readers for this post then obviously its Blog ki Jeet ! or else well Internet ki jeet !
Its good news for all you people longing to get an iPhone (especially in India) via the 'official' route.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced the launch of a new phone iPhone 3G which he introduced as
Finally, the first phone to beat the iPhone... Introducing the NEW iPhone 3G.
at the WWDC 2008.

He said he was well aware of the demand of the iPhone all over the world (even places where it hasn't been launched yet)

We've sold iPhone in six countries so far, but believe me, they're in use ALL over the world. It's clear there is a demand.

Apple will be launching the iPhone 3G in 70 countries this year (which includes India!!)

Do you see India in red ?? :)

The sale starts on 11th July in 22 'biggest' countries and will roll out in other countries in next several months (this year!)

The other good news is that they relaized
The number one reason people didn't buy iPhones is because they just can't afford it (56%). So as we arrive at iPhone's 1st birthday -- we're going to take it to the next level.

So ?

The price is a maximum of $199 all around the world.

iPhone 3G 8GB = $199
iPhone 3G 16GB = $299

New Features include

► 3G
► 10 hrs 2G talktime !
► Microsoft Exchange
► Plastic back and thinner at edges
► Improved audio, headphone jack
► Available in all BLACK !

Nokia and 'biggies' are going to have a tough time ahead I suppose.

Image and quotes courtesy : Engadget
And I knew its the French Open Final and then I was reminded of that on news channels as well. What I didn't know was what time does it start and which channel. Maybe because I am not much of an enthusiast when it comes to Tennis. The only reason I watch it at times is because of the Indian sensation Sania Mirza or the ex-number one Maria Sharapova (Ivanovic moved past her with her French Open win this year, Sharapova's exit did come as a shock to me!) or because of Ajeet who is a die-hard fan of Roger Federer. Now I knew the match is between two age old rivals, Rafael Nadal, who has a new found habit of winning this title and Roger Federer, who no matter what others think have Ajeet putting his money on him.

So while scanning through various channels on TV, I did manage to get onto Star Sports while the match was on. But the scoreline suggested that Federer, despite of his hunger for this title, is having a tough time. I had other things to do now that I have to move to my next destination, but still I managed to see Federer lose some points. Of what all little bit of Tennis I have seen in past, especially Federer's game, I guess it was his worst performance. Hitting it long, way out on the left of the court, sometimes on the right and hitting the net was way to often and was taking the game virtually out of Federer's hands.

And then as I said, I had other things to do so didn't see the entire match but later when I saw the news channels I got to know that Nadal won yet another French Open Title and he had even managed to do what Bjorn Burg did years ago (win this title 4 times).

Of what all bits and pieces of the match I saw I would like to say Nadal deserved it, Federer was no way near to match Nadal's brilliance (C'mon straight sets and that too one was 6-0) and finally a message for the disappointed Federer fan -
Kya bhaiya isse achcha toh Sania Mirza khelti hai ! (Mano ya na Mano :P)

I know you are not with me on this Ajeet but what had to happen did happen ! Better luck next time to both of you :)

♫ ♬ ♪ Rafa Rafa Federer ko hara gaya Rafa dekho Rafa...♪ ♬ ♫

FED(erer)EX(pelled) :P
Wanted to do it for long now and finally managed to do it. So here is ~»»...C Θ Ň C Θ C Ŧ ! Θ Ň...««~ in a new pack and yes with a new name. The blog will now be named as I see it because I found it more apt a title than the earlier one.

The template is courtesy Blog and Web who converted the original Wordpress design by Just Skins to work for Blogger (though this conversion had comments in Spanish and I had a really tough time playing around with the Spanish version and the Google Language Tools).

Anyways, still some tweaking here and there is required and I will try and complete it as soon as possible. Till then I'll say its in beta.
IPL is over and I am back surfing the net, reading blogs, watching videos and here is what. I found an interesting video along with a story related to it. So, all of you must have seen the DLF IPL - Cricket ka Karmayudh video
So, while looking for some more updates on plagiarised music pieces on I came across this interesting piece regarding the Karmayudh video. Before I continue have a look at this video

So, need I say more ? It first appeared on CNBC where ad film maker Prasoon Pandey defended the plagiarism charge of lifting the DLF IPL Karmayudh ad campaigna 5 year old US TV promo. He admitted that there are striking similarities indeed but insisted that he had not seen the baseball ad before.

He said actual footage was given to the animators to paint on top, they having painted on top also put a splash on a shot and showed it to him. He liked the idea and gave a green signal to the animators. He went on to say that he had also confirmed with the animator E. Suresh of Famous Studios that even he had not seen the ad before.

The only valid point I think he managed to put forward was that "the splash can neither be any body's property." And that it is not the idea of the IPL commercial which according to him is in the Veer Ras audio track.

What do you think ?

[Credits :]
Surely they aren't discussing this :

Person on the Right : Will you tell me what is going on? You said players who play Test Matches can play any format of the game. Then why don't I see any results ? Did you mean they can only 'play' any format of the game or you meant play well, perform and win ? No, you tell me how the hell does Wasim Jaffer fit into the side. Why didn't you pick Rohit Sharma or Robin Utthapa ? Was it because it was they who probably stole your place in the national team ? No, you HAVE TO tell me how the hell does Wasim Jaffer fit into the side. Could have bought many bottles of bear for that money ! At least it would have signified its existence. Ain't I right ? Everyone thinks we are probably the best Test side in the tournament. But this is Twenty20. You still haven't told me that how the hell does Wasim Jaffer fit into the side. You and Charu made the worst choices possible first and then to cover up you chose Misbah and Boucher. How can you expect these two to do the job of eleven players. WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE WASIM JAFFER ?

Person on the left (Monologue) : God ! Keep it this way. Please make sure that by no chance the name 'Sunil Joshi' pops up into his head. What will I say ? But seriously, why Joshi ? Was it Charu's choice.
I guess he is right how can we expect a win with the side we have ? But now what can I do before the next season ? Oh my God ! he will put me up for sale. Mr. Modi can 'Icons' be kicked out and put up on sale ?
Why wasn't Kumble made an Icon for BRC ? Then like Dhoni even I would have been bought, perhaps by Rajasthan and it would have been great.

[PS : Please feel free to tell me something else that you think they AREN'T discussing]
Now that the IPL ends I wonder what on air will be able to catch my attention. Argh, even Roadies is over so now there is nothing to watch even on Saturday evenings. Let us try to find out what all is on air these days and then I'll try and decide on a few.

1.) News
Whats up ? Nothing much. There hasn't been any BIG STORY of late so some channels have put up repeat telecasts of some 'Comedy' shows and some other put up tricks (walking on water, disappearing) performed by Criss Angel (described as 'Lambe Baal, Gora chehra') and then ask viewers to call them and give in their opinions on how he must have done it. Surprised ? Then heres more to it. People actually call. Some of them said its 'Kudrat ka Karishma' some other said its 'Shaitani Taqat' and I heard one intelligent guy correctly pointing out and revealing the secret behind the trick. By the end of this story the news channels actually reveal the secret themselves and say that they just did a 'Pardafaash'. Now someone please tell them that there is obviously some trick involved and its not 'Kudrat ka Karishma' and that you are revealing the secret behind the trick and its not 'Pardafaash'

And of the other stories that appear on these channels, I managed to collect some interesting images.

2.) Reality Shows
Kya aap Panchvi Paas se Tez hain ? I actually liked the concept but lately I got to know that even this show is an exact replica of a show named "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader" (perhaps, they have appropriate rights to do the same) just like KBC was much like Who wants to be a Millionaire and Indian Idol (which gave birth to a hell lot of singing competitions and is not at all interesting) was on the lines of American Idol. Not that it makes a difference as far as my viewing is concerned but then the rumors that the answers are told to the students before hand is not totally unbelievable and that kind off pulled me away from it.

3.) Daily Soaps

Guess, it has to be sports then and Yes ! Euro Cup 2008 starts 7th June. So its few more days and then at least there will be something I can see though watching TV is not mandatory.
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