Revamp !!!

Wanted to do it for long now and finally managed to do it. So here is ~»»...C Θ Ň C Θ C Ŧ ! Θ Ň...««~ in a new pack and yes with a new name. The blog will now be named as I see it because I found it more apt a title than the earlier one.

The template is courtesy Blog and Web who converted the original Wordpress design by Just Skins to work for Blogger (though this conversion had comments in Spanish and I had a really tough time playing around with the Spanish version and the Google Language Tools).

Anyways, still some tweaking here and there is required and I will try and complete it as soon as possible. Till then I'll say its in beta.

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Unknown said...

nice ............ finallly some change .... sahi hai but the header says as i see beta .... how uncleji cvan dat sound ??? [:P]

Anonymous said...

Gmail is still in 'Beta'. The term 'Beta' has almost lost all meaning.

So i think it can stay even after you stop making changes :P

Anonymous said...

@aditya : hehe...ya i guess..but the changes i hav to make are major...

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