Fedex derailed !!

And I knew its the French Open Final and then I was reminded of that on news channels as well. What I didn't know was what time does it start and which channel. Maybe because I am not much of an enthusiast when it comes to Tennis. The only reason I watch it at times is because of the Indian sensation Sania Mirza or the ex-number one Maria Sharapova (Ivanovic moved past her with her French Open win this year, Sharapova's exit did come as a shock to me!) or because of Ajeet who is a die-hard fan of Roger Federer. Now I knew the match is between two age old rivals, Rafael Nadal, who has a new found habit of winning this title and Roger Federer, who no matter what others think have Ajeet putting his money on him.

So while scanning through various channels on TV, I did manage to get onto Star Sports while the match was on. But the scoreline suggested that Federer, despite of his hunger for this title, is having a tough time. I had other things to do now that I have to move to my next destination, but still I managed to see Federer lose some points. Of what all little bit of Tennis I have seen in past, especially Federer's game, I guess it was his worst performance. Hitting it long, way out on the left of the court, sometimes on the right and hitting the net was way to often and was taking the game virtually out of Federer's hands.

And then as I said, I had other things to do so didn't see the entire match but later when I saw the news channels I got to know that Nadal won yet another French Open Title and he had even managed to do what Bjorn Burg did years ago (win this title 4 times).

Of what all bits and pieces of the match I saw I would like to say Nadal deserved it, Federer was no way near to match Nadal's brilliance (C'mon straight sets and that too one was 6-0) and finally a message for the disappointed Federer fan -
Kya bhaiya isse achcha toh Sania Mirza khelti hai ! (Mano ya na Mano :P)

I know you are not with me on this Ajeet but what had to happen did happen ! Better luck next time to both of you :)

♫ ♬ ♪ Rafa Rafa Federer ko hara gaya Rafa dekho Rafa...♪ ♬ ♫

FED(erer)EX(pelled) :P

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Unknown said...

Fedex suxx big time on clay..I mean 3 losses in 3 straight french open finals to rafa...
"Kya bhaiyya 2 baar haarne ke baad to mummy is baar finals bhi khelne nahin deti :P"

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...rightly said !!

Some people say that Women's Tennis is not tennis but badminton...Federer couldn't even play baddy !!! :Obviously bhaiya:

Gravity said...

hahahah..wht a post...ajeet was expecting this defeat...tabhie toh he went to Jaipur....

Ishan Bishnoi said...

hey update on wimbledon finals!

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