It's a little experiment that was done on someone's suggestion and turned out to be successful. The beauty of this cake is that it's super easy and super quick to bake and to top it up - it's egg less and relatively low on calories.

Dish - Chocolate Cake
Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 7 minutes
Total cost - Rs. 40/-
Serves - Depends on how much you like it but otherwise can serve 2-3 ppl

1. Parle G Rs. 5/- pack - 2 nos
2. Hide n Seek Rs. 5/- pack - 1 nos
3. Milk - 1.5 cups
4. Eno - 1 nos
5. Sugar - To taste (my taste buds say 10 tablespoons)
6. Chocolate - Dark (preferred) or Normal Dairy Milk Rs. 10/- pack

Empty all 3 biscuit packs in a mixer grinder jar. Add sugar to this and crush the mixture till it turns into a powder form.

Empty the jar in a microwave friendly dish. Add milk to the mixture and stir to form a taste. Now this is the most important step as it is really important to be careful that the mixture doesn't become too thick or too fluid. The thickness of this mixture would decide how soft (touch and it shatters or relatively tough) or hard your cake turns out to be.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that there are no lumps in the mixture.

Once done, add Eno to the mixture and stir to mix it properly. Once Eno has been mixed you have to be slightly quick to take this to the Microwave but before you do that, there is one more thing to be added - Chocolate.

How you add chocolate again depends on how you want the cake to taste. I grate the chocolate and put it on the mixture in the middle and put the dish in the microwave. By doing this (and not actually mixing the chocolate well), I get a molten chocolate lava in the center of the cake and that is how I like it. If you want the chocolate flavor to be distributed evenly you would have to mix the grated chocolate in the mixture BEFORE you add Eno.

And so you are all set, microwave (no convection, no grill, no pre heating, just  normal seven minutes heating) the dish for SEVEN minutes and your SMC (Seven Minute Cake) is ready!

You may choose to add almonds, walnut, etc to your cake. Adding spoonful of coffee powder gives it the Tiramisu Effect. Feel free to experiment and arrive at your own favourite

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