It was Barcelona in its last group stage match in the Champions League against Werder Bremen here on Tuesday, a must win situation for them.
Results :
Barcelona 2, Werder Bremen 0

It was in the 13th minute when Barcelona won a free kick and the ball was in the nets in 12:37 minutes since the start of the game.

Yes, it was Ronaldinho who converted the free kick into a goal but it was not an ordinary kick.

I was pretty impressed with Ronaldinho's display of mind and talent which help Barcelona open its account so early in the game.

The free kick was just on the edge of the penalty area and all Ronaldinho had to do was to beat the 7 man wall and the goalkeeper. I have seen many free kicks not only by Ronaldinho but by other players going into the nets but this one was special beacuase I saw it for the first time (or maybe someone tried this for the first time).
Ronaldinho (like other players and viewers) expected the wall to jump to block his shot, so instead of taking a usual aerial free kick he glided the ball from under the wall and scored.


It was awesome.The wall got up Ronaldinho went down and the ball was in the net.

In a match when Barcelona was in a must win situation, the amount of pressure was tremendous and this kind of free kick really gave another example of Ronaldinho's genius.
I m sure you have heard this
"One(birdie) for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter, four for friend."

I heard it at the same time when all of you did. Yes when I was too young.

You mite laugh but it somehow actually worked for me. All these numbers 1,2,3 and 4 have actually done what they stand for not only once or twice but many times and I still am superstitious (if u call this superstition, which I m sure u do).

One thing I noticed when i was 16-17 was that the birdie referred to in this saying is "never alone" (I m dead sure about this). When I first observed it and till date I have never ever seen a birdie alone.

What I mean is that if you do see One (wich signiies bad luck) keep tracking the movement of the bird. It wil surely goto another birdie soon or the other one will come close to it.

However if you do believe in the saying and since you read the passage above you must be wondering that it implies no bad luck at all. Well it is not so, actually there are times like for example I am on a bike or in a car and I see a birdie on the way, I just cant stop and wait for the second one. Actually I may actually do so if I am going 4 something important and alone, but if someone is with me it is difficult because they might laugh as you are now.
[Disclaimer : This is not an original thought.I read it in HT but i dont remember the name of the person who talked about this]

Ques.) How do you see an object ?
Ans.) Light rays coming from the source fall on the object and are deflected to your eyes. This enables you to see the object. Quite obvious, if there is no light, you don't see the object.

Now imagine if there is some thing that repels light rays.
So light coming from a light source instead of falling on the object are repelled away and they kind of pass the object circling around it without actually hitting it.

As you can see in the image. Assume light from some source falls on the green object and is deflected towards the red object. But since that red object repels light rays, the eye wil still see the green object. This means the RED OBJECT is INVISIBLE

This is somewhat like the mirage where light rays bend over and it seems that there is water ahead.

So if we are able to make this kind of material that repels light don't be amazed to see (actually not seeing) someone wearing clothes made of that material and standing right in front of your eyes but you still not being able to see him/her.
INVISIBLE he/she is.
Never before hav i seen such dedication in creating a PJ...actually a visual PJ..
To appreciate this work I am posting it here..
Source : Nitesh Luthra
Original Source : Unknown (leave it in a comment if u knw about it)

It goes like this...

Imagine you are in Africa. You have been tied hanging on a tree

with a Rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and
the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch.

Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to
help you.

The only possible way is to somehow convince the lion to BLOW the candle
out. How do you do that?..................




























[Heard that one shud not use exact names to refer to some entities coz of some copyrite funda so I'll use the (name changed) trick as used in newspapers...I hope the reader gets wat I m trying 2 say...ab samjhe wat does the title mean :P]

Its Time !! (No no not dat but time)..

Oh wat crap..

So..just stepping in to our 3rd yr of B.Tech, future plannig has started..or shud I say had..for some its hav others its had..oh God...this is going 2 b the most confusing post...

Our past few weekends...wait a min...Our here refers to me, Keshav,Poojan,Tushar,Ishan,Umang and ya lol..Aatish...So we hav been visiting coaching centres for DOG(name changed) preparation for the last few weekends.. :( ya subha jaldi uthna padta hai...

First We went to Rocket Launcher..heard to be one of the best..par kya tha woh...not at all impressive...

The thing to notice here is that how much time r v wasting for a job wich wud actually take much lesser amount of time..

One SUNDAY gone in Rocket Launcher visit...That day v also went to another coaching centre SAMAY(name changed) where cud I c written Sunday Closed...but it was...

Wat we did next...AISH !! and came bak tired...

Next Saturday...fir se subha jaldi... :(

This time we went to U R S(name changed)...That day Poojan appeared to be a brand ambassador...URS ke tareefo ke pull bandh diye the...Thr Manager was also impressive so was the course material...v decided to enroll thr...We wer asked to appear for a Diagnostic Test the coming week..
and ya SAMAY had been refusing to give an orientation before we enroll..(wat is this)

Is din bhi baad mein AISH karke time wast... :(

Days passed...came another Saturday..we had to get up early again..URS mein test diya thodi bahut discussion feedback...and I somehow got the feeling dat URS is not going to be the same as it appears...pata nahi kaise but mujhe laga...Poojan also felt the same...We then went to SAMAY..kya mast orientation thi...dat lady hu briefed us abt thr course n all was HA!! HA!! if she dint want us thr..she depublicised d centre I must say...

I need not repeat ki before coming bak to college and after visiting SAMAY kya kiya hamne...rite AISH !! and time waste..

Aate aate hum bechare aalsi bachcho ka mood bhi badal gaya...Earlier it was join now....JOIN NOW MATLAB JOIN NOW...ABHIIIIIIII..TIME WASTE MAT KARO....BAS PHODNA HAI...par til now v wer a bit some of us want to join in JAN some n OCT some hav dropped the idea of regular classroom tocorrespondence..soe hav dropped the idea of coaching itself...par kuch ATAL,ACHAL log abhi bhi maujood hain...JAI KESHAV !! JAI POOJAN...JAI TUSHAR !!

waise if v do join I think dat AISH TIME WASTE factor is going 2 b a big problem...coz this keshav is so MASTIKHOR insaan..if hes in full form...Bhagwaan bachaye fir to..!!
Lets c kya hota hai...

ny suggestions ?? if yes COMMENTO ABHI BHAKA BHAKK..
Read this somewhr and was pretty convinced abt it.

When man landed on moon he cudnt walk...he hopped - the reason being that the gravitational force on moon is 1/6th of that on earth. Had it been even smaller say 1/216th of that on earth, man cud hav been able to jump to even greater heights. This is because man's limbs..not only limbs but entire body is structured to suit the conditions on earth.

Similar is the case with Superman. He is from Krypton. It is quite possible that the gravitational force thr is x times that on earth (x > 1). So when he is on earth he is able to jump high and can even fly. He cannot do so on his planet.

Convinced ?? Think about it.
It was 9th June when the WC started. I was supporting England but then the first game when the host country was scoring goal after goal I thought my team could have a tough time against them in future.

When I saw the first game of my team..buhuhuhu....the only goal scored of a free kick that to an own goal....OMG !! I no longer had one favourite team but two England and Germany.

Many of you will be wondering why not Brazil, Argentina, Italy or France.
I donno y but something inside me says Brazil will not make it this time.
I din choose Argentina coz I din hav much idea abt thr game and thr wer not many players in thr side I was already familiar with.
With France the reason was similar as that with Brazil...

Few days passed and it seemed my decision of not choosing France or Italy was not that bad.

In one match Argentina was simply amazing...6 goals...aaahaa...Here came a new entrant in My Favourite's list and the count was now 3.

But when Owen suffered that knee injury and seeing that Rooney cudnt do nything special the count is now back to 2.

Sadly enuff 1 of these 2 will be out in the Quarter Finals..and thats going to beeeeee.....I guess Germany...and I now see Argentina as the winners....or maybe Argentina wil b out and the hosts the winners...oooooohhhhh how confused I m...
Hey both of them have that 'E'..'R' combination too GerMANY and ArGeNTINA..

No ppl no...not FrANCe..luck is also a factor..

Few of my frndz wer supporting Portugal...Its a good team...and cud have surely gone far in this tournament if it had not been wat it had been in thr match against Netherlands......aah !! I wondered if Football is indeed..'The Beautiful Game' many injuries...handsome amt of added time....16 Yellow Cards...4 Red Cards...I doubt if the organizers have any more cards left...they need a fresh stock now.. :P
So this was the game that made me doubt on Portugal's future in the WC. C.Ronaldo injured, Deco and Costinha with a red card, Ricardo injured + yellow card..Figo also has a yellow card...many others yes yes MANY others also hav a yellow with all these injuries and card stock thr star players wud hav to miss how are they going to go that far ??

So using my "OER" terminology and some X-Factor I think its going to be ARGETINA...
Its been many days since I made the last post. This was beacause I had my final exams and then a vacation and I didnt feel like blogging in this long period. But I am back and I promise that the blog will be updated frequently now on.

Football is what is all over my mind these days. I never watched football before college, it was just CRICKET CRICKET and CRICKET. But the scene somewhat changed after I joined college.
Credit goes to
1.)FIFA 2005 (the game) which arouse my interest in this game.
2.)LAN - the source of videos of some best football moments.
3.)The gathering in the TV room watching a football match.

Was watching the finals between Arsenal and Barcelona and felt bad when the team I was supporting (Arsenal) lost.

Few days passed and World Cup 06 started.

Ronaldo, C.Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Owen, Nistelrooy, Oliver Kahn, Thierry Henry, Jose Antonio Reyes, Shevchenko, Crespo, Klose, Podolski and the list of these great players goes on and on.

I just noticed the presence of this letter 'O' in their name. Is it this letter which has some effect. Then I looked upto few other players.

Zidane, Beckham, Gerrard, Bergkamp, Messi and few more good players without the letter 'O' association.

But they are associated with letter 'E'.

Looking few years back Maradona, Pelle....hehehehehe O & E

But I think 'O' is more powerful as compared to 'E'....and if this 'E' is accompanied with an 'R' makes it more lethal...hey is this y Barcelona won ??

Anywayz I am under this impression that
no 'O' no 'E' means you cannot make an impression in this BEAUTIFUL GAME.

Does this make sense Mr.Bhaichung Bhutia ?? :P
i jus started my new photo blog

chk it out!!

Read this on some blog...I write this n tag 7 ppl...they comment here and tell me how they feel on being tagged :P and then hav 2 answer the same questions on thr blog and can further tag 7 more ppl and the game goes on and on..
Nice thing na..
So, Here it goes...ppl read ur names in the tag-list if u hav been tagged...reply these questions on ur blog...and tag others...

I. 7 things I want to do before I die:

1. Make my parents' dreams come true
2. Fulfil every wish of my sister
3. Be famous so dat every1 knows me and create something for which people remember me
4. Make every person huz hurt me realize his/her fault and cry for mercy (2 harsh na)
5. Play a ODI against Australia for India (hehehehehe..)
6. Make sure no one close to me is sad just because of me
7. Make my kids do each n every thing which I cud not but think I shud hav done

II. 7 things I can do:

1. Talk, talk n talk
2. LAUGH wen I am tensed
3. Daydream
4. Work haaaaarrrrrrdddddd
5. Control anger (I make a fist and start counting in my mind)
6. Play play play as in exert my body to a great extent
7. Remember my enemies' face and what he/she did to me

III. 7 things I say the most:

1. Paagal hai kya
2. Abbey
3. Matlab
4. Dimaag mat kharaab kar
5. Lagi shart ??
6. Ye kya baat hui
7. _________ => for u 2 decide

IV. 7 things I can't do:

1. Forget people close to my heart
2. Be serious for more than a few minutes
3. Spill out everything dats in my heart
4. Sleep within an hour after going 2 bed
5. Stop my bakk-bakk ;)
6. Play Guitar :(
7. Complete all 7 entries here :P

V. 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Looks
2. Long Hair
3. Smile
4. Innocence
5. Intelligence
6. Their Lost in some other world face..
7. Childish behaviour

VI. 7 Celebrity crushes: (Not in any order)

1. Katrina Kaif
2. Cobie Smulders
3. Maria Sharapova
4. Lindsay Lohan
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Amisha Patel
7. Priety Zinta

VII. 7 people I want to tag: (includes People who dont have a blog)

1. Achal
2. Hardeep
3. Ishan
4. Divy Malik
5. Richa
6. Aatish,Poojan who read my blog but dont hav 1 :@:@:@ make 1 and answer these uuu :@:@
7. _________ :P
[Warning : This is the most lengthy post I have ever patient to read the entire thing, after all its 1 yr long saga lengthy to hoga hee..u'll njoy every bit of it...shhaayy....its upto it or not...bbye]

003-006-025-108 Production
DP Me Mil Gaya P

Lights - Camera - Action

Hours n hours n hours....working all day n nite...I cud easily talk in OpenGL..

Somehow we managed to code...not what we had in mind at the start of project...but a fairly satisfactory model...


Hum chaar log the...
1.) Aatish (tension free chap)
2.) Ved (ek dum se gamer ban gaya)
3.) Tushar (Mr.Unpredictable)
4.) Me (Is poore blog me meri hi baatein hoti u knw who I m)

It was the time to choose our Design Project (DP) under some Professor...
We chose to make A GAME (POOL)...

Humne socha tha phod denge...mast game banayenge

Days n days n days passed....2 sem project ka 1 sem khatam ho gaya...we decided 2 stayback in December Holidays...and work on the DP....hum yaha ruke zaroor...par Dp ko chorr ke sab cheeze ki...

As compared to the time that was already gone...the progress of the project was not upto the mark...

JAVA 3D me shuru kiya tha kaam....kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha...sab kuch sir ke uppar....Shyaaaaauuuuu Shyauuuuu...

Sab soch me pad gaye...ab kya kare...fir Ved ko Idea aaya....kyo na Java3D chorr ke Applets try kare....wo bhi kiya...but all in vain...

It was then when I approached Mr.DK (my Bakk Idol...mentioned in a post below 2) as 2 wat 2 do...he was coding a game in OpenGl at dat time...and adviced me 2 use it...

Yahi the woh SHAKS....jinhone mujhe yeh rah dikhayi...rah dikhane ke saath saath...NEHE aur apne PROFESSOR ke LEcture FOlders jaisi jagaho ke HELPLINE NUMBERS bhi diye...

Par 1 problem thi...OpenGL as explained on the HELPLINES was using VISUAL C++...apne 2 pantar logo ki usme lagti thi...Aatish aur Ved ki...
To make matters yet another meeting with the Professor v told him v were switching 2 something else now....

Somedays later a friend told me that in the list of students working under our PROF our names were not included on his WEBSITE...

Aatish : Abeyyyy ye kya ho gaya...aur kyo...

I went to the was nothing but he forgot 2 include r names..he said he wud correct it..
Since no 1 was working I thought yahi mauka hai...I lied ki PROF said our names were not thr coz we wer not working sincerely...Aatish ki yeh sun ke lag gayi thi...Tushar guessed ki I was lying but din tell Aatish about it...aur Ved bhaisaahab ke saath hamara sampark nahi ho paata tha...

After 2 days I spilled out the truth and asked him 2 studyyyyyy :@...
Somehow we read something about OpenGL...par door door takk MANZIL dikhayi nahi de rahi thi...SAMAY BEET-TA gaya....aur ek din.....
aur ek din MAIL aayi...DP shud b submitted by 29th April...

BAS ab aa gaya tha woh time...TABAD TOD TABAD TOD...padna shuru kiya...went 2 c the prof..b4 we cud say anything he asked if we were thr 2 take I grade (Incomplete) or submitting the project...we said submitting...he asked us 2 come on Monday..

Monday was not far away...we went to him on Thursday (wen I posted COUNTDOWN BEGINS)...3 days left...and I also had my STS Viva..

Comes in a new character : Mr.Abhishek Khurana

Dk sir ne bataya ki he was a BOND in OpenGL...we approached him...he helped us...cleared our doubts...helped us...helped us and heped us...

Tushar was there with his obviously UNPREDICTABLE DECISION.."I grade le lete hai sem me kar lenge...Time nahi yaar Prateek...finals ke liye bhi padna hai.."

NO COMMENTS ON WHAT ME n AATISH FELT ABOUT THIS STATEMENT FROM TUSHAR (I consider the reader to be intelligent enuff)..

Ved was working on calculations, collisions n stuff...Me n Aatish on animation and Tushar on everything else except DP...sad enuff but true..though he had read some basic OpenGL from the book earlier...

Hours n hours n hours....working all day n nite...I cud easily talk in OpenGL..

Somehow we managed to code...not what we had in mind at the start of project...but a fairly satisfactory model...

It was Monday...we had to submit the project at 5:00 PM...
At 4:30 I sat on my computer...was about to transfer the codes on a PEN POWER CUT....and MY UPS down...v faced all sorts of problems and got thru it(problems not mentioned...coz baaki problems ke saamne kuch bhi nahi thi)...

5:15 PM...we presented our project to the Professor...some questions thrown on us...we answered...some more questions...some more answers...nd then he decided that all of us will get P...

Wat a great feeling it was....smiling faces...aaahaaa...yooooo...we were jumping, smiling..njoying as soon as we came out of Professor's office...I wished ki thr was an aircraft passing just over my head...and 4 of us cud perform that RDB scene...wid shirts off and jumping 2 touch the aircraft...
ya rite AIRCRAFT ki problem to thi hi...but Mr.Tushar went straight to the RC..and only 3 of us were left...ANYWAYS I M 2 EXCITED...very happy..finally v did its time 2 study 4 finals...

Song in background : Paas ho gaya Pappu Paas ho gaya !!!


* No work done earlier by - All 4 of us
* All work done at the end by - Aaahhh...chuck it..
* Help, Guidance...upto infinity - Mr.Abhishek Khurana
I dont' think this post of mine will interest many...but I found this TURING test very interesting..

I was browsing thru materials online while preparing for my STS Viva on the topic "Sociology of Quantum Mechanics" when I found some text talking about Turing Test...Actually the theory is ki whether or not we can create bots that behave like human...or are they just DETERMINISTIC coz they r bots..

So it was decided that bot chatters be created...say v hav 10 terminals...5 of them wil hav humans operating them and other 5 wil hav bots...then 10 other humans chat wid these 10 terminals for some amount of time...then they hav 2 tell as 2 wat they think...were they chatting wid bots or humans...

An interesting link regarding the same is

I actually got a link of a bot chatter
ALICE which it described as "another chatty girl. Beware, this one spreads gossip! Winner of 2000 and 2001 Loebner prizes."

I chatted with this bot (ya u r free to think ki I am the most wella person around) some extent it was like I m chatting 2 a human...but some replise from the bot were like crap...din make I guess ki it cannot be perfect...I mean we can't have bots that can actually be like humans...

waise I m not eligible 2 comment on it...coz wen I was reading material on my STS Viva Topic....many things were like.....Shyaauuuuuu Shyaaauuuuuuuu....over the head...

I hav a copy of that chat conversation...if ny1 is interested...ask me for it...I'll male it 2 u...Even better go chat with the bot urself...the link is given above..
[The following is written in HUMOUR and should be taken as that. People who come up with comments like this is disrespectful its not 4 u. And lastly this is my Blog so MY thoughts matter and yours DONT. :)]

According to the SALARY THEOREM :

Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much money as Businessmen, Actors and Politicians can easily make.

The theorem can be demonstrated by reducing it to a simple MATHEMATICAL EQUATION.
The equation rests on two POSTULATES

1.) Knowledge is Power
2.) Time is Money

Now, we all know that

Power = Work / Time

or alternatively using 1 & 2

Knowledge = Work / Money

=> Money = Work / Knowledge

So when Knowledge goes towards zero, Money goes towards Infinity, regardless of the value attributed to work, even if the value of work is very small.

On the contrary, when Knowledge goes towards Infinity, Money tends to Zero even if the value of work is LARGE.

The Evident Conclusion : The less you know, the more money you make.

Those of you who had difficulty following the above will make LOTS OF MONEY !!
Feel like laughing....and laughing out loud...i m neither happy...nor hav heard a joke nothing like dat...its just dat in situations like this i react strangely..

Its 7:30PM Thursday....and ha ha hah grup has been asked to submit the DP on Monday...i.e. submit a game....ABEY KAHA SE LAU GAME...kuch nahi samajh aa raha...kaise banau game...itni padai ki...itni padai ki...nahi ban rahi....:@:@

Ha ha ha ha ha....I wil do something....wil code it....for all my grupmates....dont worry i'll do it...KOSHISH POORI KARUNGA...and hav our grup in a much secure position before 5PM on MONDAY...

OOOOOOPPPSSSSS !!! STS presentation on SATURDAY...ha ha ah aaaahhha...uska bhi padna hai...wat a gr8 topic...Sociology of Quantum Mechanics...or Sociology and Quantum Mechanics....something lie dat...means...FRIDAY gaya aadha SATURDAY gaya....darro mat darro mat...uske baad bhi time hai...I WIL DO IT....I WIL CODE THE GAME...U WAIT N C...

DBMS bhi karna hai....HA HA HA HA HA HA....i need time...SHAGUN woh baad me karenge plz...



Lets see wat happens....will surely write abt it on MONDAY...wish me luck plz...and grup mates dont tension...TRUST ME I'LL DO SOMETHING...bbye..

Days after days after days....waiting 4 some or the other deadline 2 come closer so dat I start working...I m fed up of all this...I find it so difficult 2 kill time even when I hav loads of work 2 do...What has happened 2 me ??
Final exams approaching, 2 projects 2 complete,1 presentation and I m like Dude give me some work...I m the most wella person of all times...

I m unable 2 it anything...studies,sports nything...

Wat goes on is...attend lecture in the morning(only if its the 1 wid attendance panga)..otherwise keep sleeping...if its SSD lecture get up and attend or else keep sleeping...wake up half an hr b4 tutorial..attend tut...then lab...come bak...switch on the pc...logon 2 orkut...chk scraps...waste time...chk mails..fwd few...waste some more time...LOOP this..until its soon as its 6...get ready go 4 the innings..bat wid mind somewhr else...get OUT in the very first over and watch others play...or go 4 basketball...come bak field (if my team was batting first) ...and lol these days its like 99% times I m a part of the loosing team...

come bak frm field...unlock the same LOOP again till its 8PM...take a shower ..go 4 dinner...keep on roaming and pondering as 2 wa 2 eat...come bak run LOOP again until I feel sleepy...

and if its a holiday or a no-tut no-lab gets worse...3 xtra hrs 2 spend...but HOWWWWW....

Worst thing I am unable 2 figure it out wats wrong wid me...blaming life everytime...I knw it wont help...the problem is wid me...but wat is it...y cant i figure out...and why the hell am i taking out my frustration writing this.....I end it here...but wat wil I do now...I think run the same LOOP until I figure out wats wrong and wat really shud b done...

PS - and now wen I m ready 2 publish this...NET IS DOWN...AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[The following is written in HUMOUR and should be taken as that. People who come up with comments like this is disrespectful its not 4 u. And lastly this is my Blog so MY thoughts matter and yours DONT. :)]

Champions League is on so just got an idea...wat if thr wud hav been no yuddh between RAM and RAVANA....instead a football

match between their teams...RAMSNAL and LANKA UNITED :P

What wud it b like

1.) It wud hav been named as SITA-IONS LEAGUE
2.) Instead of Lehmann (Arsenal's Goalie) it wud hav been LAXMAN...RAMSNAL's GOALIE
3.) There wud hav been no OFFSIDE LINE but LAXMAN REKHA

Commentary wud hav been like

Welcome to the most interesting game of the SITA-IONS LEAGUE...RAMSNAL vs LANKA UNITED...
ANGAD makes an impressive lob straight to HANUMAN but linesman flagging 4 offside...Lets take a luk at the replay...ya ya ya HANUMAN was clearly ahead of the LAXMAN REKHA...John i must say he wasnt clean thru nywayz...coz lets not forget its KUMBHKARAN..the goalie hu is sleeping infront of the goal...he has covered the goal completely..its impossible 2 score...
the ball is wid RAVANA (LANKA UNITED's forward)...he passes the ball 2 MEGHNAD..hes clean thru wid only LAXMAN(RAMSNAL's GOALIE) 2 beat...and here he says.."AAGYA DEEJIYE PITASHREE"...
MEGHNAD kicks the ball and LAXMAN manages 2 get a hand on it...a corner 2 LU..

nice corner kick by MEGHNAD...header by RAVAN's head no 3...and its a goaaaaaaaalllllllll...wat a brilliant fake by RAVAN's head no 3 and 4...brilliant effort and its a goal...

VANAR sena wid the ball...brilliant passing...moving on...inside the penalty area...the loose ball and a player from RAMSNAL has been sucked by KUMBHKARAN's nose in the process of snoring...

Players surround the refree and its a RED CARD....KUMBHKARAN wil play no further part in the game..

PENALTY...taken easily by RAM its 1-1....This match is not over yet....

RAVANA is now defending...playing safe...

Ball is with Meghnad...passing the ball 2 RAVANA...return 2 sender was that pass...brilliant football brilliant football...inside the penalty RAVANA AAGYA dete LAXMAN making a brave effort 2 catch the ball...and collides wid STRONG MEGHNAD and is UNCONSCIOUS..

RAMSNAL PHYSIO asks HANUMAN 2 get some medicine...thr goes HANUMAN and is bak wid a MOUNTAIN...LAXMAN is being treated and is out for the moment..NAL n NEER act as joint goalies in the mean time...

Ram starts off the game...brilliant piece of football among RAM,HANUMAN and ANGAD...aur yeh kya...LU defenders ignite HANUMAN's tail...HANUMAN still in possession hits it hard wid his BURNING TAIL..and its a goalllllllll...the goal is on FIRE....2-1...

LU starting off...RAVANA's mantri wid the ball...nice move...moving in for the kil...last minute pass 2 RAVANA...shoots...NAL and NEER get thr hands 2 it...BALL IS outside the line..but still not grounded...coz they hav a vardaan that the ball they touch will remain in air...

MEGHNAD aware of this fact...uses his MAYAWEE TECHNOLOGY and lifts himself in the air brilliant header...its a goallllllll...2-2...

RAMSNAL making a substitution...VIBHISHAN coming in...TEAM TALK on as 2 how 2 beat LU...VIBHISHAN saying that the ball has 2 b hit on RAVAN's STOMACH and thereby an own goal has 2 b produced 2 win the game...

RAM moving along wid the ball alone...nice moves...hes carried the ball 4 ges..RAVANA and MEGHNAD sensing danger come in 2 stop him...RAM hits it hard...MEGHNAD comes in the way...hes got a smack on his head...hes down n dead...ball on to RAVAN's stomach deflected and its an OWN GOAL....


Last few minutes left...RAVAN starting the game..cursing VIBHISHAN...and heres the final whistle...RAMSNAL beats LU...and
wins the SITA-IONS LEAGUE...
[WARNING : This blog does not intend any personal attacks. All the names,situations and locations or any other stuff has been used 2 create humor and humor...nothing else...U may leave right now if u r not ready 2 keep in mind this warning...kyoki mera blog hai main to likhunga...aapne nahi padna to mat pado...]

BAKK is something jo mujhe aur baakiyon ko apne seniors se viraasat me mili hai...
For all those who are unaware of this word BAKK lemme explain...

GOSSIP + SENSELESS TALKS + TIME PASS + PJ CRACKING + LAUGHING W/O ANY REASON = BAKK (but everything is logical...for instance wats the relation between SRIDEVI and TABU ???......ANS = They are conjugates of each other...coz SRIDEVI is CHANDNI and TABU CHANDNI BAR :P .....SOURCE : VISITING BAKKULTY - TUSHAR)

WARNING : IF u dint get the above logical question and probs...thats absolutely normal...GENIUSES...naah...BAKKUISES r not found everywhr...u need 2 work hard all day n nite...2 get 2 a level...whr I M...and I M PROUD of dat...
It all started with me entering the college..I was a normal person before but it all changed as time passed...

So continuing with this BAKK SESSION description...this is the session which takes most of r time leaving very little time for other things..

During xams the duration of this BAKK SESSION increases...for alongwith 4-5 other BAKKGURUS at 6AM in the morning (v had r first xam at 9 AM dat day)were discussing wat we'll do after xams...
"Cricket khelenge.."
"Ghar jaane ki jaldi mat karna.."

were few of the EXPERT COMMENTS..

V hav many teams who work independently and work on new ideas for discussion in BAKK SESSIONS...

My team includes ME,AATISH,POOJAN,AMAN and 2 very esteemed GURUS OF GURUS r seniors NEMO and DK Sir...they r the source of inspiration for us being wherever v r 2day...

NEMO AND DK's VISION - Ideally humein BAKK-KING-HAM PALACE me hona chahye...coz BAKK KING HUM v shud work hard to achieve wat v want

There r few VISITING BAKKULTYs - Keshav, Tushar and Ishan..They no doubt are BAKKUISES...the reason they r VISITING and not REGULAR is coz of TIME CONSTRAINTS...

The Venue of BAKK SESSIONS r many ranging from Food COurt to Hostel to Resource Centre to LAB....and there have been a new addition in the form of ELECTRONIC BAKK VENUE known as DC++....TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY...has not left a single sphere of life untouched...

Being a BAKK GURU I can continue writing on this but it will be difficult for ppl 2 read it and ppl who r not on the same level as me may find it 2 difficult 2 understand this..

FOR A COLLECTION OF our self composed PJS or BAKK DISCUSSION TOPICS feel free 2 comment and request...


Topic Idea by (and not the content) : BAKK GURU AATISH

Black ones are shadows, white ones are the real camels... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The snap has been taken from top.........

Source : National Geographic Channel
Finally the second insem xamz are over and I am free again..Did I say I...oh sorry we are all free again..
Sometimes I wonder that we start studying just before the exams that (by just before I mean 3-4 days) it implies 3-4days X 3exams X 8 semesters = 72 days...Aaaahaaa 72 days in 4 years and we become ENGINEERS...

Had four exams, screwed up 2, managed to do satisfactorily in the other 2. Its 1st April so about a month left for the final exams to start but before that I have 3 projects to complete (not alone but in group)
1.) STS
2.) DBMS
3.) DP (the title is this but it stands for DESIGN PROJECT)

Not 2 concerned about the first 2 but the 3rd one i.e. DP ( a project that is 2 b completed in 1 year ) but....ahem ahem...our progress is....ahem ahem...

I alongwith 3 other ppl namely Aatish,Tushar and Ved are working on the DP which is coding a game - Pool..
Donno wat shud I write abt it..

I am writing it primarily to remind my groupmates and myself ki its only a few days left and v hav 2 submit r project...LETS START WORKING ON IT GUYS...

If v dont do it we will get an 'F' and not an INCOMPLETE guys...rules have been changed...

Actually v r engrossed with other responsibilites and dont find time 4 r DP...

[What follows is a description of the 4 ppl working on the project and I dont really mean wat I say. Please Aatish, Tushar and Ved take it in gud humour yaar...hope u do]

1. )Aatish - !!...2 busy wid 3 Fs FIFA, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and F***I Actually not only wid these Fs but wid everything frm A to Z except the D wich stands for DP...Just ask him to start working on the project and thr comes a smile and the same dialogue....hmmmmm....kal se karte hai...

Aur woh kal kabhi nahi aata....atleast ab tak to nahi aaya...

2.) Tushar - AaaaaaaEeeeeeeeeOooooooooo.......kyaaaaaaaa.........haan....abey Tuesday( v dont hav ny lab or tut that day so its like half-day and if u dont attend lectures its a HOLIDAY :P) ko padte hai aur Friday ko Professor ke saath meeting rakh lete hai....

Kitne Tuesday aaye kitne gaye...par abhi woh wala Tuesday nahi aaya wen v'll start studying... was trying to be unpredictable....I think is now 100 % his reaction to the DP topic varies but the above stated was the most common...

3.) Ved - GOD is the salute to this person hu starts studying at 12AM (nite b4 the xam)...full nite out and manages 2 do well 2...Inke saath kuch aisa hai ki inhe kuch na kuch ho jaata hai jab DP ki meeting ho...inke saath to main DP ki baat bhi nahi karta...bas expect karta hu ki inhe yaad ho ki v r working on a DP....

4.) Me - Writing abt me coz mujhe baaki teeno se pitna nahi hai...So me...wat I think of the DP...important...karna to hai...par kab ye nahi pata...actually I want to make it clear to Aatish ki I am not the ONE of the SUCCESSFUL DP COMPLETION THEORY which says ki in the entire group just ONE guy studies and sabki naiyya wo hi paar karwata hai...

Now wat the other 3 r thinking is also main ye BLOG likhne me TIME WASTE kar sakta hu...saara din BAKK maar sakta hu...khel sakta hu...par DP ke liye kuch kyo nahi karta...u hav a point ppl...main bhi yahi sochta hu...parrrrrrrrr........theek hai KAL SE KARTE HAI FIR :P

NOW JOKES APART YAAR SERIOUSLY KUCH KARTE HAI DP ka...and wat I would like 2 say is

DP - DP meaning DP - Do it Please....


Hi friends,

Just got this link. It's a parody of RDB just for fun. No hard feelings intended by the author. So just read for fun. You will enjoy it to the max...

Here is an excerpt from the blog

Prologue : England. Screw(our Heroine) is reading her grandfather’s dairy who was an employee at a Pre-Indipendence era British Government office in India.

Grandfather’s diary :Office me do tarha ke log hote hain. Pehle jo chupchaap kaam karte hain

Sceene show few ppl mainly British working diligently

Aur jo rote chillate complain karte hue kaam karte hain
sceene shows people who are sleeping on their work

Aur phir main teesri kism ke logo se mila….

Sceene shows Indian Govt Officers…. RUM Prasad BISTAR, Asfaqulla TUNN, Bigsnore Singh and DozeGuru at their desks – sitting erect – files open in front of them, pens held in position – eyes seemingly open-
But then you notice that the pens are not moving – and the eyes are not blinking – as the camera close in on the eyes of Bigsnore Singh you realize that actually his eyes are closed but he has drawn fake eyes on his eyelids. He is sleeping in work.

Titles :

A Generation goes to Sleep.

Sceene 2: Screw enters with her files to her bosses.

Boss Lady : You want to make a film about Indans sleeping. Make one on Kumbhkaran…Ramayan sells.

Screw : Teri maa ki takiya.

: India

Sceene 3 : Screw comes to India. She is received by hema Malini and her horse Dhanno at the airport.

Hema Malini: Kyun ki mujhe zaada bak bak karne ki aadat to hain nahi , par tum puchogi to bata hi deti hun – Mera naam hain Basanti..Ab tum puchogi Basanti yeha to Soha Ali khan ko hona chaiye tha, par tum kaise, to mai kahungi mera Nam Basanti hain aur is film ka naam me bhi basanti hain, to mujjhe to hona hi chaiye na.

Follow the link for the complete...complete....complete...MOVIE I must say...its not less than that...wid all songs,etc..njoyyy !!!!
Sir Ernest Rutherford, President of the Royal Academy, and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, related the following story:

Some time ago I received a call from a colleague. He was about to give a student a zero for his answer to a physics question, while the student claimed a perfect score. The instructor and the student agreed to an impartial arbiter, and I was selected.

I read the examination question:


The student had answered, "Take the barometer to the top of the building, attach a long rope to it, lower it to the street, and then bring it up, measuring the length of the rope. The length of the rope is the height of the building."

The student really had a strong case for full credit since he had really answered the question completely and correctly! On the other hand, if full credit were given, it could well contribute to a high grade in his physics course and to certify competence in physics, but the ! answer did not confirm this.

I suggested that the student have another try. I gave the student six minutes to answer the question with the warning that the answer should show some knowledge of physics. At the end of five minutes, he had not written anything. I asked if he wished to give up, but he said he had many answers to this problem; he was just thinking of the best one. I excused myself for interrupting him and asked him to please go on.

In the next minute, he dashed off his answer, which read:

"Take the barometer to the top of the building andlean over the edge of the roof. Drop the barometer, timing its fall with a stopwatch. Then, using the formula x=0.5*a*t^^2,calculate the height of the building."

At this point, I asked my colleague if he would give up. He conceded, and gave the student almost full credit.

While leaving my colleague's office, I recalled that the student had said that he had other answers to the problem, so I asked him what they were.

"Well," said the student, "there are many ways of getting the height of a tall building with the aid of a barometer.

For example, you could take the barometer out on a sunny day and measure the height of the barometer, the length of its shadow, and the length of the shadow of the building, and by the use of simple proportion, determine the height of the building."

"Fine," I said, "and others?"

"Yes," said the student, "there is a very basic measurement method you will like. In this method, you take the barometer and begin to walk up the stairs. As you climb the stairs, you mark off the length of the barometer along the wall. You then count the number of marks, and this will give you the height of the building in barometer units."

"A very direct method."

"Of course. If! you want a more sophisticated method, you can tie the barometer to the end of a string, swing it as a pendulum, and determine the value of g at the street level and at the top of the building. From the difference between the two values of g, the height of the building, in principle, can be calculated."

"On this same tact, you could take the barometer to the top of the building, attach a long rope to it, lower it to just above the street, and then swing it as a pendulum. You could then calculate the height of the building by the period of the precession".

"Finally," he concluded, "there are many other ways of solving the problem. Probably the best," he said, "is to take the barometer to the basement and knock on the superintendent's door. When the superintendent answers, you speak to him as follows:

'Mr. Superintendent, here is a fine barometer. If you will tell me the height of the building, I will give yo! u this barometer."

At this point, I asked the student if he really did not know the conventional answer to this question. He admitted that he did, but said that he was fed up with high school and college instructors trying to teach him how to think.

The student was Neils Bohr


Hope u r not confused reading the title...coz if those numbers seem to be just some randomly placed digits then probably u hav missed something worth watching....
However, let me disclose wat these figures stand it was the morning of 12th march(120306) wen i was just scanning all TV channels and got stuck on the sports channel on wich a cricket match b/w Australia and South Africa was being was the final of the 5 match series already tied at 2-2. Australia was batting and the score was 152 in 23 overs...OMG did i c it correctly...yes i did...
Usually i dont watch cricket matches if India is not playing so I just saw a couple of overs before getting up 4 other jobs 2 b done...An hr later i went 4 hair cut whr i saw few more overs with the kangaroos thrashing african bowlers...and Mr.Ponting...hats off 2 him...splendid the time i was done wid the hair cut the score was 290+ in 39 overs...again OMG...and i thot they wud cross 400...
Later that day i was playing cricket wid my frendz unaware of the score...v wer just discussing how dangerous is australia and probably they crossed 400 and that they r difficult 2 beat...impossible v thought...
I came back switched on the TV and was eager 2 c african reply...Australains had scored 434 runs and africans - a wicket down at a meagre score...and i had the feeling that africans wud collapse for less than 100 (hehehehe boss its australia....i thought)
saw few more overs and the captain Smith played some gr8 shots and his S/R crossed 150.0.....smith played a teriffic innings b4 being caught at the boundary after scoring 90 of just 55 balls...
Scores wer being compared peiodically and south africans were ahead of the kangaroos....
Gibbs continued thrashing the australian bowlers but his partner de villiers was not dat effective so it seemed 2 me that it wil b another outstanding innings by gibbs but due 2 lack of support from the other end africans might lose....
de villiers got out and kallis came in...
Nathan Bracken dropped a not so difficult catch...that 2 of GIBBS....(wat the hell hav u done bracjen...was the expression on the face of his mates)...kallis out...and african batsmen wer heading 2wards the pavillion at regular interval..
not after much wait GIBBS was out but he had already done a lot...175 runs...great knock again...
it was on the shoulders of the experienced wicketkeeper Mark Boucher to make his team reach that total...
in the last 10 overs africans needed runs at abt 9-10 per over but they wer playing beautifully and boundaries wer coming in at regular intervals...not so experienced australian bowler was being thrashed wid ball being made 2 travel each and every part of the ground...bracken on the other hand also cudnt do much...
it was all close...a gr8 contest...7 runs required of the last 6 balls wid 2 wickets in hand...and ball was in the hand of the speed machine Brett Lee...
Boucher placed the first ball for a single...6 runs of 5 balls now....Andrew Hall smashed Lee for a four...hehehehe...yoyoyoyoy....south africans were dancing in the dressing room...2 runs of 4 balls now...and Hall tried the same shot again but was caught.....OOPPPPSSSS....this was not required Hall.....2 runs of 3 balls now...and 1 wicket remaining....Ntini came in and placed the ball for a single...yuppyyyyyyyy scores levelled........1 run of 2 balls....and it was Boucher facing Lee....and yes Boucher smashed Lee for a four in the same region where Hall did earlier in the was all over....South Africa 438-9....great victory...the highest total ever made in a one-day international...records tumbled...

A total of 872 runs scored - again a record which was earlier in the name of The match between India and Pakistan played on 13th march 04....

Herchelle Gibbs and Ricky Ponting shared the Man of The Match....

I 2 missed Australian Innings but saw the repeat telecast...Ponting was awesome...gr8 innings...he middled the ball so well...the sound of the ball striking his bat was crisp as a cracker....

Great Show....chk out the hi lites or ny other source but plz do watch this has rightly been coined...GREATEST ODI EVER....

Scientists produce gas more than 100 times hotter than the sun

Scientists have produced superheated gas exceeding temperatures of 2 billion degrees Kelvin, or 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit.

This is hotter than the interior of our sun, which is about 15 million degrees Kelvin, and also hotter than any previous temperature ever achieved on Earth, they say.

They don't know how they did it.

The feat was accomplished in the Z machine at Sandia National Laboratories.

"At first, we were disbelieving," said project leader Chris Deeney. "We repeated the experiment many times to make sure we had a true result."

Thermonuclear explosions are estimated to reach only tens to hundreds of millions of degrees Kelvin; other nuclear fusion experiments have achieved temperatures of about 500 million degrees Kelvin, said a spokesperson at the lab.

The achievement was detailed in the Feb. 24 issue of the journal Physical Review Letters.

The Z machine is the largest X-ray generator in the world. It’s designed to test materials under extreme temperatures and pressures. It works by releasing 20 million amps of electricity into a vertical array of very fine tungsten wires. The wires dissolve into a cloud of charged particles, a superheated gas called plasma.

A very strong magnetic field compresses the plasma into the thickness of a pencil lead. This causes the plasma to release energy in the form of X-rays, but the X-rays are usually only several million degrees.

Sandia researchers still aren’t sure how the machine achieved the new record. Part of it is probably due to the replacement of the tungsten steel wires with slightly thicker steel wires, which allow the plasma ions to travel faster and thus achieve higher temperatures.

One thing that puzzles scientists is that the high temperature was achieved after the plasma’s ions should have been losing energy and cooling. Also, when the high temperature was achieved, the Z machine was releasing more energy than was originally put in, something that usually occurs only in nuclear reactions.

Sandia consultant Malcolm Haines theorizes that some unknown energy source is involved, which is providing the machine with an extra jolt of energy just as the plasma ions are beginning to slow down.

Sandia National Laboratories is located by Albuquerque New Mexico and is part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

On July 25, 2001, blood-red rain fell over Kerala. The unusual phenomenon continued for two months, raining crimson, turning clothes pink, burning leaves on trees. In some places, the rain fell in scarlet sheets.

Scientists were shocked, and the government ordered an investigation. Scientists concluded that the rain was red because winds had swept up dust from Arabia and dumped it on Kerala. But Dr Godfrey Louis, a Reader in Physics at the School of Pure and Applied Physics at the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala, was not convinced.

He diligently gathered rain samples and, after months of painstaking research, concluded: 'The red particles, which caused the red rain of Kerala, are of extraterrestrial origin.'

His colleagues -- other scientists and physicists -- frowned at the conclusion. But Dr Louis stuck to his theory. His scientific conclusions have now received international support. Dr Milton Wainwright of the micro-biology Department at Sheffield University in Britain has been examining some of the particles of the red rain samples that hit Kerala. And he has come out in support of Dr Louis' theory that the rains could belong to an alien life form.

"I am indeed thrilled that my scientific conclusions have received international support and recognition," Dr Louis told New Scientist Magazine, in its March cover story, has published the red rain phenomenon along with the doctor's theory.

How did he come to this conclusion, we asked. Dr Louis says the phenomenon first occurred at the place close to where he lives in Kerala. "The characteristics were very strange. Conventional explanations appeared totally inadequate. I started an investigation with limited resources and was greatly assisted by my research student A Santhosh Kumar," he says.

How did their investigations bring them to their interesting conclusion? "We arrived at it by analysing the various aspects associated with the phenomenon, like the geographical and time distribution pattern, and the nature of the particles," he says.

These are the findings:
The phenomenon can be explained easily if it is assumed that the origin of the red particles is from cometary fragments, which underwent atmospheric disintegration above Kerala.
There is additional correlating evidences that prompts this line of thinking, like the sonic boom from the meteor airburst, which preceded the first red rain case. Having made a logical possibility like this, it follows that the cometary body in question should contain a huge quantity of these red particles, which amounts to an estimated quantity of more than 50,000 kg.
What makes this finding most important is the biological cell-like nature of the particles. Under an optical microscope, they appear like biological cells. Transmission Electron Microscopy further shows a clear cell structure. Their organic nature is indicated by the major presence of carbon and oxygen. But, despite these biological indications, the cells do not show the presence of DNA. The genetic molecule DNA is present in all living organisms found on Earth, so the absence of DNA argues against the biological nature of these cells.
There is thus the possibility of alternate biomolecules in these cells, whose origin is suspected as extraterrestrial. This way, the cells may represent an alternate form of life from space. If these are such biological cells, then their production in huge quantity inside cometary bodies can be explained by the theory of cometary panspermia.

But, what if these new scientific ideas are wrong? Dr Louis says that, if they are, he wants a better explanation for the phenomenon and the strange nature of the cells. "If these cells have a terrestrial origin, then it follows that they exist in huge quantities in some part of the Earth and are sure to have been noticed by some microbiologists. But there appears to be no such identification so far," he says.

Dr Louis' theory was initially ridiculed, but has now been accepted for research by international scientists like Dr Wainwright. His research has also been accepted for publication in the reputed international journal Astrophysics and Space Science. He is soon gearing up to publish the next set of results and conduct several collaborative studies to further unravel the mystery of the cells.

Source :
Ya,srsly i m sort of addicted 2 this blog thing...waiting 4 comments...replying bak...thinking of something that i shud write on...

Earlier it was orkut then software exploring then chatting thrs something or the other that keeps me away frm studies..

I had an account on orkut and other similar sites coz my frendz invited me plenty of times...and its kinda rude as i was made 2 realize not accepting those invitations and all...YAHI TERI DOSTI YAHI TERA PYAAR...beech ME AA GAYI simple SIGN-UP karne ki DEEWAR...type senti sentences...
Last sem wen all my frendz wer glued 2 orkut I thot of chking out as 2 wat it is...and man I was addicted...refreshing 5-10 times a minute 2 chk 4 new scraps...reply them then n thr...

Few days bak thr was a concern about addictions in a students life...GAMING being a major concern wich affected a student academically and mentally a meeting wid the students was called by the dean and the warden to discuss abt this issue and to do something abt it...

I din c any progress after that meeting or ny such concern again but few days later orkut was blocked...and the news bits floating in the free air kiked my ear drums said that some students requested the dean to block this site as they wer addicted 2 it...phewwwwwwww...plz tell me will this help...thr r so many things that can b argued as ADDICTION...wil u block everything...plz ppl u may say i m addicted 2 this blog thing...but plz dont block it...(DONT CONSIDER THE TITLE...its rubbish)..

Ya i knw i m not studying at all these days...not getting things in lecture...missing many of them...but promise ppl...i'll study in this 10 day on my project...and study hard after the holidays 2 and b regular in attending all lectures that 2 on the first or second...(fifth sixth plz) well in xamz...
But yaar 1 cant study the whole day na...ya i knw thr r examples hu study all day n nite but i cant and dont want 2...lifes not all abt studying n studying...let it b this blog 4 sometimes 2 serve as a timepass...lets c kab tak BLOG ka bhoot savaar rehta hai mere sar pe...hehehe...
Aahhaaa !!!....finally I have my own blog...

I have heard about this word "blog" plenty of times...but never really tried to have one for myself..Few days ago I visited few of my frendz' blogs...was good,fine but wat was it crap...a person writing something, posting then ppl reading and ?? i dint think so...I talked 2 one of my frend and discussed abt blogs he said its FUN...wen i asked about 1 gud thing about this blog thing...ny justification 4 using the word "FUN"...he said hav 1 2 get 2 knw abt it..i said its a lame excuse...

Few more days passed and I got this link 2 my gud old frend Achal's blog...wat....this lazy chap has a blog...its then wen i decided 2 hav my own blog...and here it is....lets c how it goes...

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