Superman and Superpowers..

Read this somewhr and was pretty convinced abt it.

When man landed on moon he cudnt walk...he hopped - the reason being that the gravitational force on moon is 1/6th of that on earth. Had it been even smaller say 1/216th of that on earth, man cud hav been able to jump to even greater heights. This is because man's limbs..not only limbs but entire body is structured to suit the conditions on earth.

Similar is the case with Superman. He is from Krypton. It is quite possible that the gravitational force thr is x times that on earth (x > 1). So when he is on earth he is able to jump high and can even fly. He cannot do so on his planet.

Convinced ?? Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

1/16th??? my gk weak or there is typo...hmm?

Anonymous said...

it was my poor gk :P
nywayz thanx....may i knw hu u r..

SG said...

on average the power generated by human being is = 900 W
and weight is 70

If we assume the impulse for jumping to be 1 sec.
mgh = E
h = 900/70/9.8 ~ 1.3 m
So, on an average a human jump or make a body of 70kg jump to upto 1.3m
Note: Here I am not counting for sprinting. The jerk produced is due to his musle power not because of running or any other means.

Anonymous said... the idea

Anonymous said...

i knw 4 SANDYs...aap kaunse wale ho ??

Anonymous said...

Mr. alpha0

u r so incorrect at places...

weight = 70
and u put it in the equation for mass...hi-fi physics it seems..
putting power for energy wid ignoring the /s and /s^2

and finally i din get wat u intended 2 say..try 2 b nore ellaborate plzzz...

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