It was 9th June when the WC started. I was supporting England but then the first game when the host country was scoring goal after goal I thought my team could have a tough time against them in future.

When I saw the first game of my team..buhuhuhu....the only goal scored of a free kick that to an own goal....OMG !! I no longer had one favourite team but two England and Germany.

Many of you will be wondering why not Brazil, Argentina, Italy or France.
I donno y but something inside me says Brazil will not make it this time.
I din choose Argentina coz I din hav much idea abt thr game and thr wer not many players in thr side I was already familiar with.
With France the reason was similar as that with Brazil...

Few days passed and it seemed my decision of not choosing France or Italy was not that bad.

In one match Argentina was simply amazing...6 goals...aaahaa...Here came a new entrant in My Favourite's list and the count was now 3.

But when Owen suffered that knee injury and seeing that Rooney cudnt do nything special the count is now back to 2.

Sadly enuff 1 of these 2 will be out in the Quarter Finals..and thats going to beeeeee.....I guess Germany...and I now see Argentina as the winners....or maybe Argentina wil b out and the hosts the winners...oooooohhhhh how confused I m...
Hey both of them have that 'E'..'R' combination too GerMANY and ArGeNTINA..

No ppl no...not FrANCe..luck is also a factor..

Few of my frndz wer supporting Portugal...Its a good team...and cud have surely gone far in this tournament if it had not been wat it had been in thr match against Netherlands......aah !! I wondered if Football is indeed..'The Beautiful Game' many injuries...handsome amt of added time....16 Yellow Cards...4 Red Cards...I doubt if the organizers have any more cards left...they need a fresh stock now.. :P
So this was the game that made me doubt on Portugal's future in the WC. C.Ronaldo injured, Deco and Costinha with a red card, Ricardo injured + yellow card..Figo also has a yellow card...many others yes yes MANY others also hav a yellow with all these injuries and card stock thr star players wud hav to miss how are they going to go that far ??

So using my "OER" terminology and some X-Factor I think its going to be ARGETINA...

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