Ronaldinho - The Genius !!

It was Barcelona in its last group stage match in the Champions League against Werder Bremen here on Tuesday, a must win situation for them.
Results :
Barcelona 2, Werder Bremen 0

It was in the 13th minute when Barcelona won a free kick and the ball was in the nets in 12:37 minutes since the start of the game.

Yes, it was Ronaldinho who converted the free kick into a goal but it was not an ordinary kick.

I was pretty impressed with Ronaldinho's display of mind and talent which help Barcelona open its account so early in the game.

The free kick was just on the edge of the penalty area and all Ronaldinho had to do was to beat the 7 man wall and the goalkeeper. I have seen many free kicks not only by Ronaldinho but by other players going into the nets but this one was special beacuase I saw it for the first time (or maybe someone tried this for the first time).
Ronaldinho (like other players and viewers) expected the wall to jump to block his shot, so instead of taking a usual aerial free kick he glided the ball from under the wall and scored.


It was awesome.The wall got up Ronaldinho went down and the ball was in the net.

In a match when Barcelona was in a must win situation, the amount of pressure was tremendous and this kind of free kick really gave another example of Ronaldinho's genius.

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