Synapse 2007

Rocking robots, prancing pulses, ballistic bytes and much more...

The fourth edition of the festival heralds a new era in the annals of great carnivals. The fusion of technology with culture has remained a misty dream for long. Now, the veil is off and the dream has become a reality. Three days of unparalleled celebrations await us. come March, the Gujarati soil will witness history in the making as students from all over India converge in DA-IICT to join the grandest of parties. Who says technocrats can't have fun? The cultural ambience and the technological grandeur shall dazzle one and all. The machines walk free as the humans jive. The platter is full with all-round music, quizzes, competitions, dance, theatrics, programming, byte-baiting and much, much more....

and yes! There are the special guests who shall enthrall with their speeches and performances!

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