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Just got this link. It's a parody of RDB just for fun. No hard feelings intended by the author. So just read for fun. You will enjoy it to the max...

Here is an excerpt from the blog

Prologue : England. Screw(our Heroine) is reading her grandfather’s dairy who was an employee at a Pre-Indipendence era British Government office in India.

Grandfather’s diary :Office me do tarha ke log hote hain. Pehle jo chupchaap kaam karte hain

Sceene show few ppl mainly British working diligently

Aur jo rote chillate complain karte hue kaam karte hain
sceene shows people who are sleeping on their work

Aur phir main teesri kism ke logo se mila….

Sceene shows Indian Govt Officers…. RUM Prasad BISTAR, Asfaqulla TUNN, Bigsnore Singh and DozeGuru at their desks – sitting erect – files open in front of them, pens held in position – eyes seemingly open-
But then you notice that the pens are not moving – and the eyes are not blinking – as the camera close in on the eyes of Bigsnore Singh you realize that actually his eyes are closed but he has drawn fake eyes on his eyelids. He is sleeping in work.

Titles :

A Generation goes to Sleep.

Sceene 2: Screw enters with her files to her bosses.

Boss Lady : You want to make a film about Indans sleeping. Make one on Kumbhkaran…Ramayan sells.

Screw : Teri maa ki takiya.

: India

Sceene 3 : Screw comes to India. She is received by hema Malini and her horse Dhanno at the airport.

Hema Malini: Kyun ki mujhe zaada bak bak karne ki aadat to hain nahi , par tum puchogi to bata hi deti hun – Mera naam hain Basanti..Ab tum puchogi Basanti yeha to Soha Ali khan ko hona chaiye tha, par tum kaise, to mai kahungi mera Nam Basanti hain aur is film ka naam me bhi basanti hain, to mujjhe to hona hi chaiye na.

Follow the link for the complete...complete....complete...MOVIE I must say...its not less than that...wid all songs,etc..njoyyy !!!!

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Divya J said...

I see wt u'v been doing since ur exams got over...n yes DP wont happen if u continue like this :P anyways good one cudnt stop laughing.... :)

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