[The following is written in HUMOUR and should be taken as that. People who come up with comments like this is disrespectful its not 4 u. And lastly this is my Blog so MY thoughts matter and yours DONT. :)]

According to the SALARY THEOREM :

Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much money as Businessmen, Actors and Politicians can easily make.

The theorem can be demonstrated by reducing it to a simple MATHEMATICAL EQUATION.
The equation rests on two POSTULATES

1.) Knowledge is Power
2.) Time is Money

Now, we all know that

Power = Work / Time

or alternatively using 1 & 2

Knowledge = Work / Money

=> Money = Work / Knowledge

So when Knowledge goes towards zero, Money goes towards Infinity, regardless of the value attributed to work, even if the value of work is very small.

On the contrary, when Knowledge goes towards Infinity, Money tends to Zero even if the value of work is LARGE.

The Evident Conclusion : The less you know, the more money you make.

Those of you who had difficulty following the above will make LOTS OF MONEY !!

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DIVY MALIK said...

typically prateek.....

Divya J said...

sadly since i got wt u meant? does that mean i wont earn loads of money??

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