I dont' think this post of mine will interest many...but I found this TURING test very interesting..

I was browsing thru materials online while preparing for my STS Viva on the topic "Sociology of Quantum Mechanics" when I found some text talking about Turing Test...Actually the theory is ki whether or not we can create bots that behave like human...or are they just DETERMINISTIC coz they r bots..

So it was decided that bot chatters be created...say v hav 10 terminals...5 of them wil hav humans operating them and other 5 wil hav bots...then 10 other humans chat wid these 10 terminals for some amount of time...then they hav 2 tell as 2 wat they think...were they chatting wid bots or humans...

An interesting link regarding the same is http://cogsci.ucsd.edu/~asaygin/tt/ttest.html

I actually got a link of a bot chatter
ALICE which it described as "another chatty girl. Beware, this one spreads gossip! Winner of 2000 and 2001 Loebner prizes."

I chatted with this bot (ya u r free to think ki I am the most wella person around)..to some extent it was like I m chatting 2 a human...but some replise from the bot were like crap...din make sense...so I guess ki it cannot be perfect...I mean we can't have bots that can actually be like humans...

waise I m not eligible 2 comment on it...coz wen I was reading material on my STS Viva Topic....many things were like.....Shyaauuuuuu Shyaaauuuuuuuu....over the head...

I hav a copy of that chat conversation...if ny1 is interested...ask me for it...I'll male it 2 u...Even better go chat with the bot urself...the link is given above..

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DIVY MALIK said...

nope, u r'nt 'wella'...its just tht u like testing diff. thngs...i thnk chatting wid bots shud be cool..may be i try it myself sometime...

Divya J said...

since it was free to think....i really do think u r the most wella person around....or even worse the most unfocussed one :P
i mean despite of having loads to do...u chose to chat wid a bot...? waah

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