Nostalgia : Hindi Commentary !

Breaks between classes can be effectively utilized for blogging :)

Well what brings me here to this topic is essentially ESPN broadcasting the Euro Cup 2008 and the Hindi Commentary that goes on. This was for football and yet another reason is some sorts of revisiting and discussing the ones related to Cricket with desh.

So of all those I can recollect, here is a short list

Cricket :

1.) If India wins a match then in the commentary box (Hindi) or some post match analysis by "experts" on various news channels the one line that is famous is
Yeh Bharat ki jeet hai !

and if India loses then it automatically becomes
Cricket ki Jeet !

2.) On every commendable performance by Indian Team you often get to hear
Mujhe unees sau tiraasi ke woh din yaad aa gaye Arun (or Moninder or Maninder)

Unlike some trademark Bollywood dialogues the above two lines doesn't seem to fade away and you can hear them quite often. What has become obsolete is listening to commentary on Radio.

3.) I miss the exciting
Aur yeh behtareen shot deep square leg ki taraf utha ke maara hai EK RUN ke liye


4.) Even more popular
Yeh shaandar Dabur Chawanprash Chauka Sachin Tendulkar ke balle se

Moving on to Football now there are just two which I remember, both somewhat related and revolving around the word Khalbali

If I am not wrong it is by Sunil Taneja (please correct me if I am wrong)

So here it goes
Ronaldo aaj koi VISHESH KHALBALI machane mein saksham nahi huey hain


Raksha Pankti se ball katate huey Ronaldinho ! aakraman teevr karte huey bakse mein pravesh. Khaasa control bana rakha tha ball pe par koi vishesh khalbali machane mein saksham nahi

Besides such full of excitement comments its all boring. What you get to hear is

Ballack, Germany ke khiladi hain yeh....behtareen cross lekin...

Podolski, Germany ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen shot lekin...

Kazim, Turkey ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen move banaya lekin..

Which esentially means its absolutely organized. The syntax is as follows :

Name, Country/Club ke khiladi hain yeh, behtareen move/cross/shot (dynamic) lekin..

So I guess it can be automated. but then why do we need Mr.Taneja ? Well, if he is not there then who will inform us about some Vishesh Khalbali :P

Sounds funny ?

Well, if you ask me then, ok I am not writing all this without any reason. Taking the word 'Baksa' for Penalty Area does sound weird if not funny. And Vishesh Khalbali is indeed funny !

so after reading this does anyone recall uneeswe dashak ki woh commentary which still continues?

Now if I get appreciable amount of readers for this post then obviously its Blog ki Jeet ! or else well Internet ki jeet !

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desh said...

thr used to be a crazy commentator who used to do it in urdu during the 1999 world cup, Januni Afrika ke gendbaaz hai Alaan DoNaald, khaasi tez daalte hai...

my grandpa told me tht thr used to be an excellent hindi commentator, sushil doshi, he was quite good...

anyway commentary as an art has degraded too much, smthng facilitated by DD run cheap hindi commentaries, MAX par Mandira and biased coins like Ramiz Raza

Long Live the orgasmic voice of Tony Greig, the wit of Boycott, the analysis of Shastri and the honesty and simplicity of bhogle

Shankha said...

Nice post!!

Even I miss the Dabur Chawanprash SIX!!!

I think telecasting cricket on a filmy channel like MAX has brought down everything

Anonymous said...

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