iPhone comes to India !

Its good news for all you people longing to get an iPhone (especially in India) via the 'official' route.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO announced the launch of a new phone iPhone 3G which he introduced as
Finally, the first phone to beat the iPhone... Introducing the NEW iPhone 3G.
at the WWDC 2008.

He said he was well aware of the demand of the iPhone all over the world (even places where it hasn't been launched yet)

We've sold iPhone in six countries so far, but believe me, they're in use ALL over the world. It's clear there is a demand.

Apple will be launching the iPhone 3G in 70 countries this year (which includes India!!)

Do you see India in red ?? :)

The sale starts on 11th July in 22 'biggest' countries and will roll out in other countries in next several months (this year!)

The other good news is that they relaized
The number one reason people didn't buy iPhones is because they just can't afford it (56%). So as we arrive at iPhone's 1st birthday -- we're going to take it to the next level.

So ?

The price is a maximum of $199 all around the world.

iPhone 3G 8GB = $199
iPhone 3G 16GB = $299

New Features include

► 3G
► 10 hrs 2G talktime !
► Microsoft Exchange
► Plastic back and thinner at edges
► Improved audio, headphone jack
► Available in all BLACK !

Nokia and 'biggies' are going to have a tough time ahead I suppose.

Image and quotes courtesy : Engadget

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