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Now that the IPL ends I wonder what on air will be able to catch my attention. Argh, even Roadies is over so now there is nothing to watch even on Saturday evenings. Let us try to find out what all is on air these days and then I'll try and decide on a few.

1.) News
Whats up ? Nothing much. There hasn't been any BIG STORY of late so some channels have put up repeat telecasts of some 'Comedy' shows and some other put up tricks (walking on water, disappearing) performed by Criss Angel (described as 'Lambe Baal, Gora chehra') and then ask viewers to call them and give in their opinions on how he must have done it. Surprised ? Then heres more to it. People actually call. Some of them said its 'Kudrat ka Karishma' some other said its 'Shaitani Taqat' and I heard one intelligent guy correctly pointing out and revealing the secret behind the trick. By the end of this story the news channels actually reveal the secret themselves and say that they just did a 'Pardafaash'. Now someone please tell them that there is obviously some trick involved and its not 'Kudrat ka Karishma' and that you are revealing the secret behind the trick and its not 'Pardafaash'

And of the other stories that appear on these channels, I managed to collect some interesting images.

2.) Reality Shows
Kya aap Panchvi Paas se Tez hain ? I actually liked the concept but lately I got to know that even this show is an exact replica of a show named "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader" (perhaps, they have appropriate rights to do the same) just like KBC was much like Who wants to be a Millionaire and Indian Idol (which gave birth to a hell lot of singing competitions and is not at all interesting) was on the lines of American Idol. Not that it makes a difference as far as my viewing is concerned but then the rumors that the answers are told to the students before hand is not totally unbelievable and that kind off pulled me away from it.

3.) Daily Soaps

Guess, it has to be sports then and Yes ! Euro Cup 2008 starts 7th June. So its few more days and then at least there will be something I can see though watching TV is not mandatory.

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