Is this number special ?

Hmmm....long time since I posted here...
first had exams and then was on a vacation...

At home I made it a point to see David Blaine's street magic on AXN.

I don't think the name DAVID BLAINE needs any introduction.
For those early men or women reading this post, I am sorry, search for this name. He is one person you surely need to know about.

I like almost every trick he performs but the one that caught my attention was...

aah wait a minute...

First, think of a 2-digit number between 1 and 50..

Both of the digits of this number should be odd and distinct.

. now I guess you havw a number in your mind...

Is it 37 ??

If it is then I am sure you are as surprised as I was when it worked on me while Blaine was performing this trick on TV :O

I tried this on many of my friends and most of the time it worked and that is what made me write this post. Is something special with this number, keeping in mind that there are other numbers which fulfil the criteria - 13, 17, 19, 31, 35 and 39.

For all those who didn't choose 37 try it on your friends and I am sure there will be a fair amount of them who choose 37.

Yet another trick Blaine performs is choose a card out of the 52 playing cards...that are non-aces...

People often choose Queen of Diamonds though it didn't work with my friends as good as 37 one did...

So whats so special about 37...any idea ??

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