HOI : Episode 1 : Print Screen : POLL RESULTS

Well, enough time for the poll I guess. Here are the results.

This is the public opinion not mine.

I don't know whether the majority's decision is correct or not. In fact, I don't even know who PG is :P. The poll answers were some random pair of alphabets plus some standard ones.

Just for your information, I got this anonymous comment on that post

Anonymous said...

hey y did u tell every 1 ki its me....lolss
:P :P :P :P :P :P
mast likha hai ......hail to pk

No idea who this is. Seriously. :P

Anyways, the next poll is about to decide what the next episode should be. I will not even give a brief description of the titles, just vote for the title you think sounds interesting.

And yes, I have this better looking poll now ;)
Its all about an attractive User Interface.

PS : It is quite possible that you might face problems with this new poll, either while voting or you might not even see it at all. Just add a comment to this post mentioning your problem and I will correct it.

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Anonymous said...

yippieeeeeeeeee i won d poll
wow.....itni mehnat karni parti hai to gain ppl's trust n their votes......;) ;) ;) ;)
n ya d nxt topic shud b firefox....coz m still zapped n unable to find humor in it...lolz...

Anonymous said...

right on

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