The "Do not disturb" Day !!

Well I woke up today morning, did some RI work, read some magazine, went online, orkut, facebook and then thought of catching up with friends online on gtalk.

So I logged onto gtalk and hav 18 friends online out of which 12 have their status message set to "Do not disturb".

Believe me I know how busy they are :P

So was just wondering why do people set their status as "Do not disturb".

At the first place, almost everyone knows how busy you are :P

Secondly, if you are really so busy then why are you online ?

And then when people like me who even after reading this message start a conversation with you, why the hell do you respond, and can't you just act or control your emotions so that you actually don't let the other person know as to how desperately were you waiting for someone to message you. [:P]

Leaving aside these 12 people other 2 were "Away", 1 "zzzzzzzz" and 2 "Not at my Desk"
and the one left - well I discussed the same thing with him as well and laughed a lot at possible reasons each of us was putting forward.

And then that last guy had to go offline (for lunch), I thought of posting here and thus set even my status to "Do not disturb" just to check if it feels special or anything else of that sort.

Sorry guyz, especially to those 12, it was just a thought :P, no hard feelings.

EDITED PART goes here :

Just came here to append, that one other contact came online just now and they have their status set to - yes u guessed it right :P

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