HOI : Episode 1 : Print Screen

Welcome all to the first episode of this new series HOI. As I mentioned titles of few upcoming episodes in the pilot post, on Sandy's request, I start with "Print Screen".

[The story consists of fictional elements]

Not quite long back a friend of mine had to show me something unusual happening on his/her computer but did not know how to do it. So, I told my friend that you can take a screen shot of the screen and mail it to me and I began to explain how to take screen shot on the operating system my friend was using (Windows XP in this case).

I asked my friend to press the PRINT SCREEN key which can be found somewhere on the top right. To my surprise I got the reply that there was no such key. I looked upon my keyboard and noticed the alternate name for the key (in my case it was Prt Scr). But even this key wasn't there on my friend's keyboard. I couldn't figure out any other alternate name for the key or any other location for the key (except top right), so I asked for the model number of the computer or keyboard. My friend gave me the number and I searched for it on the net.

In the image I got on the net I could easily see the key I was looking for and that too in the top right. I told my friend that the key is indeed present on the KEYBOARD and was second from the left in the top row.

What reply could you expect ?

My friend said, "Oh ! You meant keyboard, I was looking for it on the screen. Sorry".

I began pulling my hair !!

Well, finally everything was done as it had to be but PRINT SCREEN KEY on the SCREEN ? :O

PS : Sandy and Aatish want me to reveal names but I don't want to. Aatish asked me to use initials and Sandy gave me an idea of having a poll. So, mixing both of them I have started a poll that you can see on the right. Participate in the poll and vote for who you think is the person talked about in this episode. I will continue the poll thing with every episode but not mention it again in the post. Go Go Go !!

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Anonymous said...

hey y did u tell every 1 ki its me....lolss
:P :P :P :P :P :P
mast likha hai ......hail to pk

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous...i din tell nything 2 nybody...i dint even comment on the poll results...its just dat ppl think its some PG...i dont even knw hu is PG :P :P
neither do i knw u...

Ishan Bishnoi said...

:sigh: I miss HOI

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