HOI : Episode 2 : Two is Company !!

[Sorry, could not go by the poll results. I found something very interesting, so thought of posting it first. As far as the poll result of the episode you people wanted, that will be posted next (if I don't find something as interesting as this one :P)]

As you all are aware that not long ago when I planned to start this HOI Series, I posted "Sandy can WAIT !!" where I described this series. After describing the rules, request and RTI part I wrote a line
This being a pilot post (lol :P), let me give you the titles of the upcoming episodes of this series.
Now I curse myself as to why I used this term
As you all are aware or might not be aware that my blog is read all over the world and is discussed about often. (:boastingly:)

Somewhere on the net I came across one such conversation between A and B and was surprised to read something very interesting. Actually, surprised is not the word I should have used. I was shocked to read it. Here is the excerpt which made me feel so.

oi wats dis pilot incident ...pk toks of sum pilot post related wid ya
Wait people it is not over yet, the reply to A's question which B gave was even more interesting and totally different from what I had expected. B said

I dunno anything about the pilot incident...
pk bakk maar raha hai....
HOI pe HOI ho gaya yeh toh. :S

PS : Multiple votes allowed this time. Vote for two people. Guess who is A and who is the even smarter B. A and B may delete that conversation, don't worry I can prove it.

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Anonymous said...

oi u dnt noe d story after dis ....:P :P :P

Sandu Singh said...

The first episode was way more interesting.... 8)

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