Student and RCwala : Based on True Rumors

One change, I just omitted "HOI Episode 3" from the title because it would have made it too big. And yes, is anonymity ke chakkar mein he/she likhne mein bahut problem hoti hai, I will use hs instead of he/she and iser instead of his/her from now on.

Getting on with the third episode, I know you must have read the title but I must like to quote it again here that 'Student and RCwala' is 'Based on True Rumors' and I have no proof whatsoever to prove the events authenticity.

This is about my friend who joined college just after class 12th (out from school to be a student again) and is curious as everyone of us is about the new campus. So, hs just goes around exploring iser new campus going to the sports field, canteen, labs and accidentally reaches The RC - The Resource Center. Wow, hs was surprised seeing so many books (foreign editions with colored pages), good quality furniture, air cooled environment. So hs thought why not take some book and read it. Hs was neither the bookworm type nor the one who likes reading novels and stuff. Just as you might have guessed my friend did not have much idea about a library or RC. So hs pulls out a book from the shelf, moves out of the room and heads towards the gate of the RC.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, tyau, tyau tyau tyau..

What was this sound ?

Oh I see, my friend just missed noticing the magnetic checkpoints installed at the RC exit that alarms the staff there about unissued books being carried out. So, the RCwala runs after him and catches him with the unissued book.

RCwala : Why are you taking this book without getting it issued ?

Student(my friend) : Issued ? What is that suppose to mean ?

RCwala : You are supposed to present the book at the counter and get it issued for reading. You cannot just take that book away.

Student : Oh ! is that so ? I am sorry, I didn't know ?

(What ?? Man you didn't know that its the library and that you are not the owner of all the books present here and that if there was no book issue/return system, how will the RCwalas keep track of which book is with whom and where ?)

:ahoy: I mean Ah !! HOI !! :D

Time for poll again !!

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Ishan Bishnoi said...

Damn! I missed being the first voter but i guess that might be PK! Of course i know the answer...and the 'tyau tyau' happened while i was writing up my name to get a book issued whil hs was just taking a walk towards the outside world! :P

Sandu Singh said...

I was the first voter.... 8)

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