HOI Episode 6 : The Three Stooges !!

After three years of hard work, finally came the placement fair. With one job each in their kitty and results of second yet to be declared, The Three Stooges (T3S) were all set for a third company. After clearing the written test, it was time for a technical interview and incidentally T3S had their interviews back to back according to the schedule put up.

(T3S were confident enough after having 1 job each and sure about the second whose result was yet to be declared).

Missing their daily dose of sports they were ready dressed up (fake 'we are gentle men look' :P), resumes and certificates in a file in their hands. Just before the start of their interviews they were a bit tensed and asked the same question to every one who came out from the interviewer's name, "Kya Poocha ? Kya Poocha ?"

A common answer was "Bubble Sort".

T3S knew it was easy and just to recall tried writing the code on paper. LOL. Third year B.Tech (ICT) students with decent CGPAs appearing for a Software Engineer post in a company(with decent repute) together couldn't figure out what the code should be like (but were disappointed, generally they laugh out loud when they sense trouble :P).

Interviews started and..and..and...LOL. Jinse Bubble Sort ka code nahi bana woh to kya hee karenge :P

T3S were screwed big time. With questions related to Linked List, Operator Overloading, Virtual Functions, etc. being thrown at them, what else do you expect (remember Bubble Sort :P ) ?

All had the same expression on their face -> :S
and the same line on their tongue , "gg, pata nahi kya pooch rahe the :S Jo aata tha woh to poocha nahi, kya tha yaar"

They were not comfortable with all this stuff like Linked List, Operator Overloading, Virtual Functions, etc.

Does it qualify to be HOI ?
ask the interviewer :P


PS : After success kissing their feet :p they have shifted focus to CAT :)
GOD knows whats going to happen :P
Fingers Crossed !!!

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