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I am just too bored. I want to update my blog as well. So, I thought of writing about random things. Since it is not the kind of BAKK my friends expect and are interested in so I don't expect them to read it. Since there aren't going to be any lyrics of some song in this post, I don't expect hits from elsewhere as well. But still. Here we go.

1.) India wins Twenty20 World Cup

The best thing that happened in the last few days. Great matches, great teams, splendid fireworks. India turns out to be The World Champion. Personally, I didn't even expect India to get into Super 8 (Low Expectations ensure less pain when not fulfilled, I still remember the World Cup in March).

But then great matches, splendid performance against great teams - England, South Africa, Australia and then Pakistan. We had two winners per match + Rohit Sharma. He was impressive.

vs England - Hats Off to Yuvraj, in your face Flintoff, sorry Broad :(

vs South Africa - I dreaded Gibbs and Smith but :) hail RP :)

vs Australia - They have Gilchrist, Hayden, Symonds, Clarke, Hussey, Lee :phew: and more but then Yeyeyeyey we had Yuvraj and OMG did you people see Srisanth :O

vs Pakistan - Gulp !! India vs Pakistan that too in World Cup and that too a FINAL !!
Pressureeeeeeeeeeee !!
50-50 chance. Both teams were good. Danger men - Shoaib Malik, Afridi, Misbah, Misbah, Misbah, Misbah and Misbah. Then there was Misbah and yet another great striker of the ball who I had heard a lot about - Misbah.

After Indian Innings I thought we had 40-60 chance. When we got wickets, especially Afridi, I thought it was still 40-60 or even less because the man on the crease was Misbah. What he did in a matter of few balls was 40:60 India -> 30:70 -> 20:80 ->10:90 -> 1:99 and then.....

Sandy, Modi you missed it !! You seriously missed it !!

2.) Movies

Why ? Why ? Why such movies ?
I am sorry if it feels bad, but I felt @#@$@#$ after watching them

where them = Hey Baby, Dhamaal and then Dhol

Trust me I enjoy these kinds of movies in general. I tried my best to laugh and enjoy in case of 'them' as well but :(, better still :'(

Dhol was :S. Got 4/5 stars in TOI, my friends enjoyed it, some watched it twice. HOW ? It was :( except for a few moments featuring Rajpal Yadav.

No more movies !! Maybe Bhool Bhulaiya, MAYBE.

I am not going to go by any reviews, word-of-mouth or anything else for that matter.
You want me to watch a movie, you sure its good, you sure I will like it ?
OK, you pay for my ticket, you pay for the auto fare, you get me Popcorn + Pepsi and if I don't like the movie, you treat me at Sardar Foods :X or else I pay you back for the ticket only.

3.) CAT !!

MOCKs, SIMs, MAXs, ACEs, AIMs, FLTs and don't know what all. Not me but others :P
Have been taking few of them but still have not been able to perform as I want to or as they(IIMs) want me to.

Staterjee !! Is there any ? Does it work ? Are you sure ? Is it a sure shot formula ?
Please tell me !!

4.) Sports

All went to IIT-K Sports Fest so No Football, No Basketball. And now when they are back, something or the other keeps me busy forcing me to miss Football. Maybe tomorrow :D

5.) Internet !!

Orkut is passe. Still good. But.

Facebook is or maybe was appealing. Fighter's Club is boring now. Zombies too. Scrabulous is ok.

Twitter can be good. I mean it is but if they could help me with my Phone Notifications.

Google Calendar doesn't support my Mobile Service Provider :(

Blogger is good for a change, specially, when I am just too bored. But I seriously wanted to write something (even when I know nobody is going to read it :P)

6.) Computer Hardware

My sound card is not working properly, stops playing sound whenever it wants too and plays back at its will as well. The only thing I can do is Restart to ensure sound until it stops again :(

My mouse behaves in a strange manner in an hour or so or even less at times. Restarting helps till it happens again.

Power Button itself has some problem. CPU doesn't start in pressing power button. I have to hit it, lift and leave for a slight bang, turn it, hit it, bang to see if it works. At times have to go out of my room to ensure I don't lose temper and throw it away.

My monitor has always been flickering like hell. Everyone notices it but I don't feel it any more :P Adaptation ;)

9.) Windows and MAC

MAC is good, better than...But change is good. Windows is nice.

8.) Internet Browsers

Opera is not good for my bandwidth I guess.
Safari renders well, makes things look better.
Firefox works with anything, supports everything.
And I heard someone saying Internet Explorer ? Well no idea. The only thing I know about it is that it starts up pretty quick.

8.) Music

Totally on my mood. :S playlist names e.g. bang, boom, crappy, zZzZzZzZzZ.., current.
At the moment I am listening to zZzZzZzZ..

Long Post !!
Enough for now :)

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Unknown said...

You never know who will read ...

I think orkut is passe too

I like Pownce a whole lot , im wetting my feet with Twitter

Facebook is getting crowded with apps!!! Though i love it cause it re introduced my love to Pac Man

Blog On!

updesh sharma said...

u r in habbit of returning favours , sooner or still sooner , ...actually one ( n only 1) post to my blog was inspired by ur newtonian interpretation ....thanks :)

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