HOI Episode 7 - It happened here and there as well !!

Just when I thought it was time to end HOI, two more interesting events failed to pass unnoticed.

The first one is about how relating things unknowingly can make it a laughing stock.

So, its about 4-5 people sitting in the FC having lunch and discussing about events in the college (past and upcoming).
The college magazine Entelechy's 13th edition was up and we were discussing about the change in fonts and the new logo that showed 'SUN RISE' (its all about the name). It was then when one of my friends started shouting at one of the members of Entelechy (present at the location) and blaming the club of spamming the mailboxes.

Ohh !! @#$@#$$ Toh tum hee woh jo saara din mailbox spam karte rehte ho.

:quizzical look: on everyone's face till came yet another statement from his mouth.

SUN MICROSOFT walon, sirf apne club walon ko mail kiya karo na #$#$$@$#$^ :x

And we got it. Everyone, started laughing. Actually, it was this Sun club in our campus that mailed us quite a many times informing about the events being held by Sun Microsystems in our college (or something like that, coz i din read them :P).

So, our friend here very intelligently related the Entelechy's new logo showing SUN RISE to SUN Microsystems, and hey did you notice the name he mentioned 'SUN MICROSOFT'. LOL !!

The second one is...err..not much about it. Google actually started Transiletration in most of its applications. What it does is that it enables the user to type HINDI (or few of the other languages) in ENGLISH and it will convert it into HINDI Font all by itself. Cool na !! So anyways, in ORKUT to do this you need to press Ctrl + G (on Windows) to enable it. One of my friends tried but was unable to do it. So bugged was he/she that he/she actually thought...ya he/she did...that it is because he/she was not pressing '+' but only the Ctrl and G combo. So, he/she actually tried pressing the three keys together, 'Ctrl', '+' and 'G'. Strange but true :P

Hey, all you geeks out there, did you ever think it this way :P ?

PS : Vote for 2 names !!

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