HOI Episode 8 : Super-l(n)ative-s :P

[OK, so I know my blog is very popular (for bakk atleast and lately HOI). I am a 'chashmadeed' of the incident described below. But for the first time, a reader of mine ne ichha zahir ki that he/she would like to describe this incident, so here is the episode in my reader's words. PS : This reader turned writer has done a wonderful job :applause:]

The title suggests that the episode finds its basis on the “popular” and very widely known application-s called SUPERLATIVES-S on facebook. And I shall inform that this “I” here is not the usual ‘I’ who has been reporting the previous episodes (although :hats off: I must say great work :D).

Hmmm now coming back to the issue! Firstly I’d like to brief you about facebook although most of you are well aware of it. So you see facebook is a popular social networking website that allows people to communicate with their friends and exchange information mostly through the no. of applications in it and superlatives (the reason I use the plural form is because there are two of them, with no difference as such, they only serve the purpose of variety) are among such apps. :phew:

So the story goes like this ………

A few days ago I met this person (whose HOI I shall be reporting!) who seemed to have immense knowledge about the different sites online and ofcourse a lot about facebook and its various applications and in fact introduced me to quite a few , one of them being the IQ test. So now that he/she scored above average in this test, :applause: he/she always used it as a boastful measure to reason his/her immense knowledge I just spoke of. :pich pich: :P no modesty!!

Hmmm.. (srry :P) so there is a short series of nominations that take place between me and Mr./Ms “Know-It-All” (supposedly) through SUPERLATIVES 1 (S-1)(for easy understanding). NOTE: The nominations will be received if the application is there on your profile and if not an invitation will be sent to accept it. So now that there were a series of nominations between the two of us, the obvious fact here is that we both had the application on our profiles. Now, I was bored (normal human nature) of S-1 so I decided to nominate through S-2 which offered me a new variety. Since he/she did not have S-2 on their profile an invitation was automatically sent to him/her to add the app in order to receive the nomination.

In response to the sweetly sent nomination he/she tells me, “You have the wrong application (when he got the invite of the app…. Hw cud it jus be a wrong app??? :s :scratching my head: I wonder… but cud it?? I mean if “he/she” says so... naaaaaaaaaa!! :faith on my knowledge: 8) ) … use the right one no!! : Hmmm wait for him/her 2 finish: Wait, I’ll send you the link.” (sends link).

Now like I told you if the series of nominations took place between us, using common sense (which is not so common… not at least for “Mr/Ms above- average- IQ” :super sarcastic: ) one can say that I would already be having the app!! pich pich !! So much for the immense knowledge and above-average IQ!!
PS: Vote for the names! (hint: title and description of the person) :P

PPS : I apologise if the report was not as expected but since I was the “chasmadeed gawah” :P- I had to for this one.

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Ishan Bishnoi said...

:S :S

I must say 'PICH PICH'

very cryptic indeed...This must initiate HOK...heights of knowledge...that makes it again too confusing

Anonymous said...

hey tania m proud of ya....u r too kool ya...n m nt likin it dat u r gettin more pop dan me amongst my frenz,...lol...hehe.... pich pich pich to pk.....:P :P :P


Anonymous said...

This post could have been made more non-faebook use friendly I think. I still dnt know the poll results of HOI 7. altough the vocab makes me wonder if it was Modi.... opps HM.

waise u want to know about HOI come to america and talk to americans. GAAAAWWWWDDDD u wud tear ur hair out. some time back I was talking to this person who said hs was a BBBIIG movie buff... hs had no clue who edward norton was... didnt care for fight club... cudnt name a single director... thought superbat was a guy movie...

which reminds me... SD PICK of Destiny sucked big time... how can u subject ur friends to such torture.

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