Memoirs :)

Not much time left when we'll be graduates and leave this place. We'll surely miss this place (at least I will :P).

Memories is what will remain forever.

So, after the success of HOI, I announce a new series 'Memoirs' where an account of many such cherished moments will be put up.
Of course the idea is not completely mine. In the recent past I have been discussing many such incidents with somebody or the other and it was Sandy who wanted that there should be some collection of all such events. So, I thought why not here, this will increase the activity on my blog as well :P

I will try to update it every week. Lets fix up a time. Tuesdays 9PM it will be.

Since it is not only about me but us, so I would like you guyz to be my Guest Contributors and write about some such incidents and moments and I'll put it up here.

PS : Unlike HOI, the posts are not going to be anonymous but still will not use NAMES. We will use nicknames that are quite obvious.

E.g. Typhoon, SPARX, SST, arsenious, Firefly, Don, apocalypse, Paunchy, etc.

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