Blah !!

Few reasons that got me here and made me post this :

1.) I haven't updated my blog for long now
2.) Frequent encounter with the word 'Blah' in the recent past
3.) Blahhhhhhh

Before begining to write a new post I did some research (can be called so) on the word 'Blah'. Not quite surprsingly there exists a website '' (which I have tried to access in another tab). The reason I say its not so surprising because the web now has so many websites that you can blindly enter any word, prefix it with www. and append it with .com. With a significant probability of 0.9 you will definitely land up to a website other than that of a domain seller.

Anyhow, the word Blah is the reason I am here and ironically it "is a token word with no meaning of its own". This simple four-letter word is used anywhere and everywhere. I guess, its the second most commonly spoken word (the first one is also a four-lettered word that I would not like to mention).

People use it to indicate a boring speech - blaahhhhhhhh (it no longer remains four-lettered if the speech is too boring) or blah blah blah blah.

You use it to cut short some unimportant part of a message while narrating.

What if you forget something while narrating ? Yes, Blah is the word to fill in the blanks !!

Leave aside forgetting, even when your brain is not able to deliver an appropriate word as required, you....err...Blah it in to maintain the continuity of your speech.

Upcoming trends reveal that it is used as a tool to maintain decency in public and yet swear - Blah U !!

The frequency of use of this word in online conversations, text messaging, informal talks is significantly high. The habit of using this word is the word and its contagious.

I have been infected already. I get irritated when someone uses this word. Blaaahhh as if you care if you are not infected and blahh to me is what those who are infected will want to say.

Whatever, I have successfully managed to update my blog. Blaaahhhhh !!

By the way, 'Whatever' is Blah's sibbling I guess. The next most commonly used word, equally contagious.

Regarding the statistics provided in the post :
Well these have been derived from the theorem, rather axiom "Ninety percent of the statistics are compiled at the moment"

Before I leave, I just got a twitter update that states "Monkeys are the only animals that eat bananas". Its a fact. I was unaware.

C'mon say it one last time. Repeat it after me. Blaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P

PS : The website I mentioned above, have still not been able to access it. Blaahhhhhh :P

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Unknown said...

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 u .... !!!!:P

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