HOI Episode 4 : Firefox !!

Previously on HOI, ordinary people reach extra ordinary HOI.
- Some PG who messed up with Print Screen key
- An ignorant conversation about a pilot incident
- A student who was not familiar with the RC rules

And now HOI continues

With "off-season" (as someone said) going on here at college, I chat a lot. This one is about a...err...not 'a' but 'quite a few' of the many online conversations I had with a friend. What makes these 'quite a few' conversations special is that in all these conversations I told my friend about some interesting picture online or a web page or some website (mostly hilarious) that I stumbled upon while surfing the net. So, in all such conversations I just gave imer (hope you remember the terminology : his/her shortened to imer) a link to a page which I want imer to see.

Expecting a positive reaction to what I thought was hilarious I wait after pasting the link in the chat window and after waiting for about half a minute what is the message that I get back

Tere paas firefox hai na ?

I am like huh ?? What does Firefox has to do with all this ?? In fact, where did this Firefox come from in this conversation or on that page ??

Still I reply

and hs (recall the terminology hs implies he/she) replies
mere paas nahi hai..

Action Replay : Again, I am like huh ?? What does Firefox has to do with all this ?? In fact, where did this Firefox come from in this conversation or on that page ??

me : so ?
hs : error aata hai yaar..

As I said before this didn't happen once but many times and I was all confused as to whats going on.

Lately, in some other conversation I got to know that due to some problem with the browser hs used someone adviced imer to install Firefox which hs didn;t like and trashed out from imer computer.

So, I kind of diagnosed the problem which I still think is the improper uninstalling of Firefox which for other applications had been set as the default browser, so whenever a link is clicked on, it tries to open Firefox which obviously it is unable to find as it is no longer installed and thus throws an error. (Too technical I guess)

And then, when "tere paas firefox hai na" thing happened again I tried explaining imer about this error but just when I type

I know wat the prob is..

I get the reply

nooooooooooooooooo....i dnt want 2 knwwwww.....

Ab kya hoga aise logo ka ? They don't want to get down the heights (HOI I mean) they have reached :P

PS : But quite surprisingly, on clicking start menu the top left menu item (which generally is Internet shows the icon of the default browser) has a "blue coloured icon" according to my friend, furthermore "it is always blue and never orange" according to imer (when I asked if it was orange in colour or blue).
Seems that even I diagnosed the problem incorrectly (HOI on my part too ?). Anyways, I can only be sure if I get hold of that computer.

You start voting !!

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Anonymous said...

ooops..nw i got y u were laughin ...
damn m such a duh fuker on dis planet ...i gtta learn computers nw...:P

Sandu Singh said...

if ya have to explain ur terminology of his/her everytime,,, then it doesn't make sense to use it....
plus, hs n imer make reading the whole thing uncomfortable......

stick with either he or she if need be....
we can understand that ur referring to both sexes.....


Sandu Singh said...

n I still dont get it why it was HOI on ur part????

:hoping that I m not giving you material for another episode :P :

Sandu Singh said...

n this TW guy has the second highest number of votes (all polls combined) and none of the eps have been abt him (as far as I know)......
There should be some HOI ep on him as well.. m sure if ppl think he's such a dumbass... he must be... :P

Sandu Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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