Fifth P

And I have started a new marketing blog by the name Fifth P (more on naming later). Through this blog I will try and analyse (rather discuss) the new practices relating to the many brands present in India (and the world) like new ad campaigns, altered positioning, launching of a new product or brand, etc.

Now about the name. Its fairly intuitive. Hope you are aware of the name Philip Kotler and his theory of 4Ps (they are 7 in some cases) of marketing. Even if you are not, then yes there is something like that. So, through Fifth P, I try and introduce another P, that could be my Perception, Perspective or me (Prateek) itself. Or maybe you can take it as lack of a better name if that its easier to digest.

Of the first few days, I have had a good response, with readers across continents flocking in. Hope to have that figure rolling.

I wish your visits and reads on Fifth P provide a fruitful experience. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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