Yeh IPL Hai Boss?

What seems to be a massive blunder on the part of the team that maintains IPL's official website, has surely become the talk of the town.

As all are aware that we are already into the playoffs for the fifth season of the IPL. Team Delhi was to play Team Kolkata in the first match of the playoff. Team Kolkata won this match last night to proceed directly into the finals. As the playoffs have it, Team Mumbai will play Team Chennai tonight and the winner of the match will meet Team Delhi in the second qualifier. Winner of the second qualifier will then play Team Kolkata in the finals.

But if you just visit the official website of the IPL (, you are bound to notice something strange. A little click to visit Team Kolkata's page ( has something interesting to offer. The bottom right on the page shows a small block saying "Next Match". Very surprisingly, this section shows that Team Kolkata will play its next match against Team Chennai. [The screenshots were taken just before posting this].

(Click to enlarge)

Though this definitely, is a huge oversight on the website admins, my curiosity took me to Team Delhi's page  ( and guess what? Team Delhi is supposed to play its next match against Team Chennai!

(Click to enlarge)

Haha! All seems so consistent now! For all this to happen, Team Mumbai will lose to Team Chennai today and Team Chennai will then beat Team Delhi in the second qualifier to meet Team Kolkata in the finals.

Definitely a blunder on the website admins part, but this error has given all of us something to talk about, for sometime now :)

All the best Team Mumbai, for today's match then :)

[First pointed out by @SexyBichoo]

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Bombastic said...

IPL fixed hai boss.. Sabut bohot hai.. but sunta koi nahi :P

Shailesh said...

There scenario you showcased presents two possibilities:
1. it was either a mistake
2. the IPL is fixed.

One of them has to be true irrespective of the outcome of the match. It can't be a Let's-consider-it-just-in-case-Chennai-wins.

Because if Mumbai wins today you will happily rubbish the hypothesis - "The IPL is fixed". But it will hold if Chennai wins.

In the argument there is no room for Chennai winning and the IPL not being fixed.

That's a little unfair I guess. :)

Needless to say,
A CSK fan

Prateek said...

Hi Shailesh,

I never said IPL is fixed. Even if it were to be fixed, if at all, no one would just publish it on the website like this no?

Also, if indeed it is fixed, IF, then now that people are aware of this Website goofup (the erroneous pane was taken down from the official website), it doesn't make sense to continue with this script. Chennai should lose in that sense :)

So, considering the 2 possibilities you listed
1. If Mumbai wins, as you said, all will accept this as an error and move on saying SEE IPL IS NOT FIXED :)

2. Going by my logic above, Chennai cannot win today, "fixing" script (if at all) needs to be changed :)

In either case, thus, Chennai has to lose today!

All the best :)

Shailesh said...

Hahaha. Nice one man.
The reverse psycho on fixing. :D

But I wonder how they would achieve their desired results overnight.

On the flip side, looking at some of the last balls and the catches dropped it seems to me that things are fixed.

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