Himachal - Heaven on Earth

End of March followed by April in Mumbai or even hotter Delhi would have been one of the places I would have been had it not been for DOCC. Well what is DOCC is a question which I'll answer in some other post but for now all I want to say is that I am in Himachal Pradesh.

My journey started with Delhi -> Shimla and from there on to Jwalaji -> Khundiya -> Era and in between Kangra -> Dharamsala. Well some of the places I mentioned above are remote but all of them are in Himachal :)

Its a great place, perhaps the best tourist destination in India. Amongst all of them, I think Dharamsala is the best. Below are some pictures from my trip so far :)

What all I see around me these days, have only seen them in wallpapers so far :D

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1 comment:

10V said...

Beautiful Photographs...Makes me wanna plan a trip to these places too...

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