Me <-> Salesman : Day 3

And after a long long time, I am here back again to update my blog so thought of revamping it first. I was bored of the previous look and am not that happy with the current look, but its ok for the time being.

Had something else in mind, that I wanted to write and that too for long, but too many assignments, quizzes and exams kept me lot more busy than I could imagine. Just when I was about to start writing I saw that I hadn't updated my experience of selling Dimdima on Day 3.

I would keep it really short.

It was tiring, we went on door-to-door full on and got all sorts of responses. One of the most interesting responses being

You have exactly 2 minutes, sell me the magazine. Your time starts now !
Seemed much like some entrance interview.

Another instance was when one of our prospective customers, though interested in subscribing, found it difficult to trust us. We had a really tough time convincing her and finally did manage to convert prospective to actual customer.

One instance is from one of my friend's experience who also went door to door and at one door while he was 'playing his record about Dimdima', he heard a familiar voice and to his surprise he saw the actor Om Puri coming out. Yes, he gate crashed Om Puri's house unknowingly. He had a great time, the actor called him in, spoke to him for sometime and finally even bought one subscription.

Getting back to my team's results.

--------------------In a Nutshell---------------------------

Attempt(s) : 1 + 1 + 50+(lost count)= 52+
Places Visited : 4 + 9 + 50+(lost count) = 63+
Success Count : ZERO + 5 + 5 = TEN Subscriptions

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