Google Voice and Video Chat

The wait is over ! Two great things Google has come up with - Video Chat and Voice over different platforms. Yes, they have incorporated Video Chat and Voice both in GMail for both PCs and MACs. The feature will be available in all GMail and Google Apps account soon but for all those who want to try their hand on it right away can click here and install the plugin. What you get after doing it is another option saying "Video and More" in ur Chat List and you can click on it to start a video chat with your friend. 

As of now, it doesn't work until and unless your friends have installed the same plugin. I guess once the feature is rolled out in all accounts that again will not be a problem. 

This was one feature I was waiting for so long : cross-platform voice chat and yes video chat along with it is another added advantage. I get new reasons to stick to Google and be loyal to them quite often :)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent, more and more full-service Gmail

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