Retirement(s) !!

Its been really long (yet again) since I have updated my blog. It was lack of time that neither could I update my blog nor could I keep up with all those I read. So, today that I am back I would surely like to mention this one line that has been doing rounds in my head
Tak tana na na tandoori nights,tandoori nights, tandoori nights..
I wonder whats with this song and what it means, though I have been told its something to do with some restaurant's name in this movie Karzzz.

Anyways, as desh puts it,
hum yaha yeh baat karne aayein hain ?

Not at all, in fact as the topic says, I am here to talk about the Retirement Season thats on. 

Yes, we saw Anil Kumble bidding goodbye here in Kotla before even ending the Australian series. Though, he says the thought of retiring was on the back of his mind for quite some time now and it was the finger injury that made him take this decision, I still feel that it was the Criticism by Media (though as he says it started 18 years ago when he made his debut) that made him take this decision all of a sudden. Now, that I am at home for a small break, I had been seeing TV whenever I am sitting idle and needless to say, the News Channels these days (especially Hindi News Channels) are pathetic. I refuse to waste more space here discussing the word 'pathetic'.

It was they who started critcising Kumble all of a sudden when the INDIAN TEAM failed to bowl Australia Out. And as they go about it, if one channel shows it, the others have to follow. 
Toota Kotla Connection, Nahi raha Kalaai mein woh Kamaal and many like these VISHESH BREAKING NEWS were out there on the DESH KE SABSE TEZ NO:1 NEWS CHANNELS. Though, I believe that yes the team had to get in more youngsters but overlooking a great man's contribution and doing whatever these channels did, it was annoying !

So, heres the end of JUMBO, the man who did so much for Indian Cricket and it will soon be followed by another great man Sourav Ganguly. One of the most successful captain of the Indian Team, I feel he has been the most ridiculed and dishonoured player I have seen and it takes real character to stand up and fight against everyone to prove your worth. I am truly a fan of this man. I wonder whose next. Is it going to be Dravid? This is something that comes to my mind of what I saw at Feroz Shah Kotla myself. There were 4 different groups playing the game of cricket on the field when Aussies were batting 
  • Australian Batsmen
  • Sourav Ganguly
  • Rahul Dravid
  • Other 9 members of the Indian Team
Yes, this is what I saw. The Indian team had 3 different sects and they did not seem to mingle with each other at any point in time. Totally indifferent towards each other and their presence.

Anyways, moving on, as I mentioned it seems to be a Retirement Season. Two names don't really justify the use of the word 'season' here. So, here I mention another great name, an epic in itself, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Yes, of what I understand of the half an hour VISHESH on a news channel, 6th November is going to be the date when the last episode of this 8-year old soap (I was in class 9th then !!) will be aired. Apparantely, too much drama happened over this date as well. Star TV asked Balaji Telefilms to take this show off and BT obviously refused. BT went on to file a law suit against Star in the High Court claiming that there contract with Star was till March 2009. Star argued that the contract mentions some point relating to TRP being less than 20% over three months and is justified in asking BT to take that show off. Guess What ? LOL ! Bombay High Court refused to intervene and asked the two parties to settle this issue amongst themelves. So, apparantely, 6th November is the date of another (forced) RETIREMENT which incidentally was supposed to be the famous BA's retirement from the saas bahu saga.

So, Retirement after Retirement it is that marks the start of November this year. With all due respect, such long phase of being out of form, I guess even Dravid should consider this as an option.

Update : Reading what desh wrote, I recall that I missed mentioning Adam Gilchrist's retirement, though it wasn't November :)

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desh said...

Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi ke last episode main Bapu is making a comeback...quite ironic for me as aaj i finished freedom at midnite whr bapu was killed in the last chapter aur yaha baapu ka comeback

anyway they say Ba is 197 yrs old now :)

btw Dada deserves anothr post :)

Kumble ki news channels ne ussi din subah waat lagayi and then they wr back praising him, these hindi channels especially india tv are bakwaas

abhi abhi they wr showing cat fighting with snake :P

kumble is and will remain a great

dada to mahaan hai hi

abt dravid, i dont like him at all...

Anonymous said...

hahaha...BA i heard is 240 years old...God or Ekta only i guess knw the exact figure...

and ya this India TV is useless...again i just dnt want to write abt thr MAHAAN ACHIEVEMENTS...

yes I think i will write about DADA once he leaves...

Gravity said...


wht's wrong wid dravid :(

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