Early Morning !

And so when I am in hostel, today is this one day when I wake up early. Its Rakshabandhan today, so I woke up early, 1 hour before my normal routine and then 30 minutes snooze and then finally up. I somehow felt good. Looking out of the window was refreshing. Cool breeze hitting my face, ripples in the lake that I could see, birds calling my friend by her name 'piu, piu, piu'. After 5 minutes of stretching I go to the washroom to see all doors open, only one or two people in there.

It happened for the first time (@ SP) that I did not have to stand in a queue to take bath ! The song being played in my mind was the same that plays everyday - Jame Raho (TZP) but then today it was the second half of the song. Yaha alag andaaz hai... while usually it is Kyu duniya ka naara..Jame Raho...

And soon I realized what my flat mates think of me when there was a bang on the door and the guy outside started shouting

Guy : Kaun hai andar..
Me : Prateek
Guy : Abey bata yaar..
Me : (in my mind) What do you mean :O ?
Guy : Abey batao..kaun hai ?
Me : Prateek yaar...
Guy (angry) : Mat bata...baitha reh..subha subha dimaag kharab kar raha hai...
Me : :S :S

So, I go back to my room, get dressed and my roomie who just woke up sees and literally shouts - ABEYYYYY !!! (looks at his watch) ITNI JALDI ???? :O

This is what I call 'stereotype'.

Now while walking to college, I decide to write this post and I come to class and guess what ?
There are only 4 people in class, I am the FIFTH one !! For the first time did it happen that I reached the class and saw so many others coming in and then the faculty.

The wait is a bit boring :(
But then today I didn't have to get up and start with a 4X speed but rather it was 3/4X.

Class begins and I sign off :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Prateek,
Same story everywhere..
I am in class also..and only 12 of us..
A bit boring day...

Take care

richa said...

a very ordinary story expressed in extra ordinary way.. I like it.
keep going!
I hope u reach early to lecs everyday so that ur readers can get a new post everyday.

Rambler said...

Nice blog..I really like the layout!

Anonymous said...

@mona : its 2 more years to see this same scene again n again i guess :P

@richa : and u think 'waking up early' is one of my 'strengths' ?

@rambler : thanx buddy :)

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