The unTAGged Crab !

[Note : The post is cryptic in nature. I don't expect anyone to understand or read it, though, the very brighter minds around me may infer what it is.]

So, there is this box full of 'selected crabs' which for some reason are perceived to be special. Ok, if not special then in some respect or the other perceived to be better than all those not selected ones. So this one crab gets the opportunity to be a part of the 'selected' lot. He is happy to hear that. He knows the time is now and there is bright light all around for him.

And then comes the day when he is dropped into the box. There are so many other crabs in this box and he knows that there are many such boxes all around. Some big, some small and that he has been dropped in a fairly big box. One very peculiar thing which the onlookers noticed was that none of the boxes had a lid on the top. Two gentlemen actually discussed it with each other.

G1 : Did you notice there is no lid on top of any of the boxes ?
G2 : Yeah, I wonder if they would sit in and not try to escape.
G1 : I guess there is no need of the lid perhaps.
G2 : And what makes you think that way? Don't you think they can take undue advantage of the fact and escape.
G1 : No ! because even if they try to, then I am pretty sure that the other crabs in the box won't let him reach the top and jump out. They will make sure that they pull his leg and get him in. And this same concept applies to all. Its all safe mate. Cheers !
G2 : Cheers !

So, our protagonist here - 'The Crab' - has never seen what all he is seeing right now. Well, all this while he has been sitting around on a beach having sunbath with all lovely, 'sweet' crabs. They had a gala time, splashing water on each other, throwing sand balls and making sand houses as well. But things are different in the box now. Very different.

-------------------- IDEA ----------------------

I'll make it a series now. Write more about the crab as time moves on.

-------------------- IDEA ----------------------

The crab for now observes that most of the other crabs have a TAG on their shoulders, which bears a special bar code. He, on the other hand, has no such TAG as yet. He wonders if the other crabs are superior, more special ? He is not sure though, if the other crabs think that way as well.
But one thing that took our crab by surprise was that the other crabs were after his life ! They just wanted a TAG on his shoulder as well. They tried there level best to put on some TAG or the other on his shoulder. So many TAGged crabs and our UNTAGged crab. Poor Him. All the TAGged crabs are trying to put on a TAG on him.

He wonders W H Y ? Of what he knows he is in 'The Box' which is supposedly a box that contains some 'selected' crabs. Is this how the 'selected' crabs are ? Why do they behave this way ? What makes them think the way they do ? And how come those few crabs resort to doing the same ? Is he abnormal or the others special ?

[PS : Don't try to infer please. OK, if you so desperately want to decrypt it then a hint lies in the conversation between G1 and G2]

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Anonymous said...

i guess the lid is not open both ways, one can't get in to be another crab. So cheers!

Anonymous said...

its all about different perspectives :)
ask the crab ! :P

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