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All of you with a Mathematics Background must be aware of the X-Y axis. One of the most trivial things (may lead to confusion at times, but I stand by it being trivial) with X-Y axis is the ORIGIN (denoted with a letter 'O' almost everywhere) and its translation. In simple terms, you can fix your own origin on the 2-D representation and move it wherever you want to. The only difference it makes is that all corresponding co-ordinates change with the same value as the new origin.

What if someone does it to your calendar ?

Yeah, it has happened to my calendar. The origin (a widely accepted HOLIDAY) has been moved from SUNDAY to a THURSDAY ! I have a busy SUNDAY when most of my friends just bump in their heads in the pillow on their bed or just go out partying. I have an OFF on THURSDAY. So when the majority around me (us) awakens on a FRIDAY and starts making plans for a weekend or maybe talk about the new movie that released, I get ready for a long day, because effectively it is a MONDAY for me !

I never really cared about it when I saw markets and shops here and there open on SUNDAYs but now that I am experiencing the same, it feels bit weird at times. Yes, I know that the end statistics are the same, 6 days working and 1 OFF but why a THURSDAY OFF ?

MBA is surely different and it is about work and serious business and not at all like my good old engineering days. A phone call made me aware of Rakshabandhan, something my academic calendar did not mention. Last night when I saw most of my 'usually busy' friends online on GTalk till late I was reminded of it being a Saturday and that it is Sunday the next morning and that its OFF for all of them. After all my classes and quizzes today when I walked out for lunch, I saw a herd of people looking up and shouting. It didn't take long for me to look up and see a 'Matki' tied to a rope and figure out that it is Janamashtmi.

Everything seems so different. I miss my good old college days.

Chuck everything and
Do whatever the heart says,
Those were the days.

Sleep and wake up anytime
Our schedule our ways,
Those were the days.

Eat and drink at the galla
And wonder who the hell pays ?
Those were the days.

Go and play football,
While the sun stays,
Those were the days.

The all so special,
Free time in all four Mays,
Those were the days.

typhoon, arsenious, lazy
a bunch of -
Those were the days.

Those were the days
and these are the days,
anyways :)

PS : Forgive me for the last few short lines. It was not an attempt in poetry. It was a matching game, putting words that end with 'ays' together :P

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Ishan Bishnoi said...

A shift in the view, a vision and a seems the disorientation has affected you a lot!

Anonymous said...

anachroni-mised :)

Mangrove Wealth said...

welcome to the B School mate..:)

Anonymous said...

@ishan : Yes, it happens at times :P
Especially, when I miss out on some events because of this.

@aman : ya, but WHY ?

@deepak : is it about B School ?

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