What am I doing? What keeps me busy?

[Note: The post may not have 100% accurate information and most of the data given may be fictitious. Why? What why ! C'mon it is my blog !]

So, what am I doing and what keeps me busy ?

Not long ago I get to know that this blogger with alias Guttu has posted a review of my blog on his blog (http://www.thinknonsense.com/bb/2008/08/03/as-i-see-it/#more-294). Before I go any further, I would like to thank him for doing it. Next, about the points he gave to my blog, there was this head titled 'frequency' in which I got the lowest and that is 5/10. Of what all he says I agree that I should post more often but then one needs time. There are times when you do have some free time but then often at such times I go blank and don't force myself into posting.

So, again the question, What keeps me busy ?

Basically, I am a student doing my MBA and I guess that somewhat tells about why I got a 5 under the 'frequency' head.

Talking about the past, engineering days, I had ample time but then there were many other things that I was more interested in.

One more thing, I feel that if one tries writing when he doesn't really feel like then what essentially comes out is his work, the jargon he uses all day, in a very peculiar form.

Believe me I am trying hard not to use all jargon - terms like demand, supply, consumer surplus when I very well can relate it to Guttu suggesting me to post more often - which I often tend to do almost everywhere.

I don't think one can help it. Your brain and ears are so used to these terms (plus this is what you are going to listen every now and then) that you tend to apply them in every scenario.

In a post I posted long back regarding my Design Project, I did mention the OpenGL fever me and Aatish fell prey to. glutFcChalein(), glDinner(), etc.

Just that now its moved from technology to a different stream.

When I go out and buy anything (even a melody), then just before paying, the first thing that comes to my (others as well, and we even say it at times) mind is to say "Why should I pay? You add it to your Assets (Accounts Receivables) and I will add it to my Liabilities (Accounts Payable) and its done". Horrendous ! right ?

I remember myself explaining the demand supply curve and how to tap consumer surplus to the canteen fellow with DIAGRAMS ! It happened when we asked for Bhindi and he said it is not available because there is huge demand for it. Now whether he got it or not, I tried my best to explain him concepts I know !

Ok, so I see the 'Low Battery' notification and I don't have my charger here with me, so here I press 'Publish Post'.

PS : Forgive me for the extra dose of lameness towards the end and I know your facial expression is something like :S but then its my normal self. Isn't it ?

Say What ! and I say 'So what' :P

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Anonymous said...

Nice explanation :D I am not the canteen fellow. It's nice to know you post what you want. That should be the case. But when you get expectations from readers for more you have to keep them. That's when they like you. When you make a blog that means you want to write something. And if that's the case then you need to take some time out.

Anonymous said...

So many MBA's out here and all are going with same conditions.

Remembering all those jargon and especially the accounts ones are miserable..
Anyways, Take care and lovely post..

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